This Way and That

I hate windshield wipers. They make me dizzy. (Perhaps this explains my dislike of the automatic car washes!) I do all I can to avoid using my windshield wipers. I love the delay and mist features (I go through lots of windshield washer fluid in my car) and rely heavily on those to get me through rain and snow!

Now my new car poses an additional problem: rear windshield wipers. I can see the point – water does tend to accumulate on the rear window of my Escape more than on my Regal. But it makes me crazy to have two sets of wipers operating out of sync. I tried at first to synchronize them – I really did. Trust me, it’s impossible. So I use the rear one intermittently and as infrequently as possible.

I guess those wipers describe the state of my heart right now, going this way and that. I’m just not in sync with blogging these days. I feel pulled in opposite directions, part of me enjoying the connection that comes with blogging. But part of me wants to be more intentional about writing than blogging can really accommodate. God’s been working on my heart about some things just are not bloggable (not yet anyways) and when I sit down to write a post, it sounds like I’m underwater or in a tunnel – all I hear are my own words and they’re anything but clear.

So when all else fails, take a break, right? Seems about this time every year, I find some time away provides some clarity and direction. I still enjoy the community blogging affords though, so I’ll be around, reading and commenting.


8 thoughts on “This Way and That

  1. I feel that way myself sometimes. I am trying to define the purpose of blogging and whether I really want/need it.

    I agree with Bev. Refresh.

  2. Taking a break is good – so enjoy. But I have to tell you that the idea of someone trying to synchronize their wipers made me laugh out loud. I love it!!

  3. I’ve thought about doing this myself lately, Dianne. I’m not feeling terribly inspired. But how do you know when a break is in order or when you should push through?

  4. I found the same thing about blogging versus writing recently.

    I found that I didn’t feel like I “needed” to post, so I just didn’t. It was great!

    So, now I know what’s bloggable and what I think I should polish up and “write.”

    I know you do well at having that balance and lack of compulsion to blog, but yes, sometimes a complete break is in order.

  5. You and I share some of those windshield wiper quirks. I love my mist option, too, and use it extensively. Winter also finds me running through washer fluid rather quickly. And the back wiper…drives me nuts too. I usually just give it a quick On/Off when I absolutely can’t see out the back. Just look at all we have in common! 🙂

    I completely understand about the break! Sometimes blogging lines up with your goals and path, and sometimes it doesn’t. We’ll be here when you get back.

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