Spring Thing Reading Challenge

So my friend Katrina graciously hosts a wonderful reading challenge each spring and fall, with books galore to give away and a wonder way to see what others are reading. I almost didn’t participate this time around. The thought of making a list and including all the links just kind of overwhelmed me. Then I remembered – I’ve got a list! I’ve been using Shelfari for several months now and it’s been a great way to keep track of books I’m reading as well as those I plan to read.

So check out the list in my sidebar or hop on over if you’d like to see more stuff I plan to read. Some of these I’m just about finished with but they don’t budge from the list until I’ve finished them, cover to cover. Our vacation falls within the Spring Reading Challenge and that’s when I usually indulge in more fiction but I don’t really have a list for that yet. Here’s just a few notes re: my selections and I really hope Katrina doesn’t disqualify me for cheating by using Shelfari!

I’m especially looking forward to Praying With the Church, by Scot McKnight, since I enjoyed The Jesus Creed by him. And he recently interviewed Nancy Ortberg on his blog about her new book, Looking for God, which piqued my interest and made the list as well. The Right to Write by Julia Cameron is one of those books I’ll be reading for several months, and may never finish, but each chapter provides some writing encouragement and an exercise (I’m on #6). I expect to finish Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (my second time through and one of my favs) and Gift from the Sea within a day or so. I loved The Kite Runner, and the sequel, a Thousand Splendid Suns, promises to be even better.


5 thoughts on “Spring Thing Reading Challenge

  1. I’m so glad you joined in, Dianne! I had fun browsing your bookshelf to see what you’ll be reading this spring. I, too, want to read A Thousand Splendid Suns before long. It’s not on my spring list, but I’ll get to it eventually… And I’ve been dipping into The Situation and the Story occasionally. I really liked Ortberg’s When the Game is Over…

    Anyway, great list! Thanks for joining SRT ’08! 🙂

  2. So many books . . .so little time. You’ve got some wonderful reads here – enjoy!

  3. I’m glad you joined in, it’s always fun to see what everyone is reading! I haven’t read Kite Runner yet so will have to keep it and the sequel in mind for later.

  4. As always I love seeing what youre reading, I reread GFTS every year or so, and underline new parts. I know youre a neat reader, but I cant help myself so eventually the whole book will be underlined! Read Kite Runner, mesmerizing, and yes Thousand Splendid Suns was great too – but man does that he write dark! A good dark but I needed to read light for awhile after those two books.

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