The New Chew

I figured out what’s been keeping me up late so many nights! I’ve been eating chocolate covered espresso beans. So if you stop by my desk at work, and see some wet coffee beans in the garbage can . . . well, I figured out I can have my chocolate, and a good night’s sleep too! (Yes, sucking the chocolate off and spitting out the beans – brilliant, huh!) Really, I should just switch to Raisinets – they make wonderful dark chocolate ones now!

But hey . . . if you stop to see me at work, just take me to lunch and skip the garbage can part!!


5 thoughts on “The New Chew

  1. I fully support the switch to Raisinets. šŸ™‚ I can’t have caffeine past 1:00 or so, or else I can not stay asleep and find myself staring at the ceiling at 1 a.m.

  2. You get a high rating on the ingenuity and adaptability scale! But there’s got to be an easier way – I vote for the raisinets, too. Or just go for chocolate, straight up. šŸ™‚

  3. Hilarious! That sounds like something I’d do too, I do so much better without the caffeine. I should look for the dark chocolate Raisinets, those sound good.

  4. Just yesterday I bought Don a bag of expresso coffee candies, let him sample them at 10 pm but warned him, don’t eat too many unless you want to be up all night!

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