Do You Need Anything?

That was the question I asked my aunt the other night when I went to see her at the hospital. She had been there visiting her sister and stopped by her doctor’s office to inquire about her leg, which was red and swollen. Her doctor admitted her on the spot, thankfully, to be treated with antibiotics intravenously for a few days. So I was concerned that she might need something or want something from her home. No, she assured me. She was quite fine.

Amazing! She had a toothbrush in her purse, a sweet roommate, and the care and concern of people who love her. Oh, and coffee! And with that, she was content. I’ve been thinking about this all week. How content would I be if I found myself hospital-bound on a moment’s notice, with nothing more than a toothbrush?

Probably because our church has been going through a series of messages on giving, my heart was ripe to reap some personal understanding through this little incident:

  • Stripping away our superficial wants allows us to attend to the deeper needs of our souls. What is it I really need? Do I even know? Patience. Humility. Endurance. Discernment. None of which can be easily bought.
  • Contentment and generosity seem to go hand in hand. If I’m less focused on “wants,” and trusting that God will supply what it is I really need, maybe I can be more in tune to and looking for ways to meet the needs of others.
  • When we do engage in generous giving, are we attuned to the true needs of others? The challenge given by our pastor has been to look for ways to share our time, talents and treasure. Sometimes I find I am most selfish with my time, but for someone like my aunt, that’s the greatest gift I can give, spending time with her.

Just some things I’ve been mulling over lately. I’m happy to report my aunt is home from the hospital, doing well and blessed us with her presence at our family gathering this past Sunday. She is a beautiful woman who exemplifies true contentment and a generous spirit.


5 thoughts on “Do You Need Anything?

  1. What is it I really need?

    Good question, Dianne. I find myself asking a similar question–What is the real problem here?

    Good thoughts, friend.

  2. So glad your aunt is home and doing well. I’m afraid to admit that if I was admitted that quickly to the hospital, I would not be so peaceful and serene. I’d be frantic about some things, like someone to care for my furry dog child.

    Great post 🙂

  3. Dianne – I was so struck my your second point. I totally agree that finding contentment in our own lives leads to a more generous spirit with others. Hard to focus on your need when I’m all wrapped up in mine. Easier said . . .

  4. I am much better at sharing my “treasure” than sharing my time. Selfishness with my time and energy is something that I constantly battle…

  5. My prayer is to be content and generous..the older I get, them more I want those things, as well as patience and kindess and other fruits of the spirit manifested in my life over selfishness. The self is tough one to get over and give over though….

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