Making Space

After Thanksgiving, I couldn’t find the motivation to take the leaf out of our dining room table. I mean, Christmas was only four weeks away. So in it stayed – taking up more room in our kitchen/dining room than I like but, oh well.

I’ve noticed something strange though. That huge table has done more than take up space and get in the way. Somehow I’ve found the space to be inviting. Not having much counter space in the kitchen, the big table has made baking much easier. And Saturday I had a niece and nephew over to bake cookies – the table was more than accommodating of their mess! It would be perfect for having a few friends over to play games over the holidays. It certainly makes sense to keep it extended for hosting the in laws on Christmas. I’m even tempted to drag out the sewing machine (okay, now I’m getting delusional!)

What a difference simple physical space has made. And, loving metaphors as I do, I’m wondering how I can transfer this idea over to other areas of my life.  What if I made better space for relationships (an area where I admittedly struggle)? What about allowing others the space – and grace – to grow, recognizing that we’re all on a journey? How do I make space for God to work in my heart and life?

Making space, I realize, is an act of trust on my part. I have no idea who or what will come and fill up that space. And when it comes to God, I have no idea what his work will look like. I’m learning though, that God is never intrusive. He works where there is room to do so. But the making of space is up to me.


2 thoughts on “Making Space

  1. What a great post! Maybe I can learn something from this…..seemingly I have so much space on one hand however on the other hand…there is little room for storage. I’m sure after all the dust (mortar) settles…Dad and I will be able to decide the how, when and where of everything. Looking forward to a “home” party for the family. When my focus is on the Lord alone…..nothing is a problem and space is relative.
    Love you more than you know!

  2. Very nice post, Dianne. We’ve been contemplating space this year too. With the new living space in the basement, we’ve seen opportunities to share that space, and our lives, with others. And we pray God will use it, and us, to be a blessing to someone else.

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