$26 Bucks Later . . . and I’m a Coffee Snob!

Those are two separate topics! The first and most important being that for a mere $26, my laptop is back in working order. It was indeed just a power supply. That Mac will have to wait a bit longer, I’m afraid. But oh how good it is to be working on a laptop again – my laptop.

I’m working on a book review and I’ll post that tomorrow. But first, I need to toss in my cap as a coffee snob. I’m blaming it on Jane. Every month or so, a few of us gather at her house for some dialogue around the topic of spiritual formation. I love this group of people and I so look forward to our meetings. But secretly, one of my favorite parts is the coffee. Jane uses a French press to make coffee (she herself is a diehard tea drinker). And I have simply fallen in love with French press coffee. And amazingly enough, one appeared under the Christmas tree this year! (Okay, I exaggerate – we didn’t have a tree!) After convincing my husband we could forever do away with paper filters, and there would be less danger of me leaving the coffee maker on in my haste to get out the door in the mornings, he researched (and when he starts to research something, look out!) and came up with this little number for me. (I did specify the kind with plastic, as it just seemed safer). coffeepress

I had to make a run to Starbucks this afternoon to get the coffee that came with it ground. I am kind of anti-appliance, and although I know that freshly ground beans are another key to fine coffee, I refuse to add another step – and appliance – to the process. Starbucks grind works just fine for me.

Anyways, I made my first cup tonight. Generally I like cream in my coffee but let me tell you, this is the most beautiful, mellow coffee you ever tasted and it may not be long before my tastebuds mature into drinking my coffee black. It’s hard to describe such a wonderful taste. It’s not something I’m proud of but I think I’m becoming a coffee snob! Oh well, there could be worse appellations, right? No filters, no appliance, just the right amount of coffee brewed perfectly each time and the most amazing coffee I ever had – it doesn’t get much better. Unless you toss in a few leftover Christmas cookies!


5 thoughts on “$26 Bucks Later . . . and I’m a Coffee Snob!

  1. I actually need to start drinking my coffee black again…maybe you could invite me over :=)

  2. If I start hearing enough about this I might have to check it out! My son in law brought his french press when they came for Christmas b/c he refuses to drink it from anything else now, says it tastes like, oh wait I can’t quite remember and maybe I shouldn’t say! I didn’t try it when he was here…..I’m still using my drip coffeemaker b/c I’ve always thought I really liked what I put in the coffee rather than the coffee!

  3. Pretty soon I won’t want to drink anything else either, Gail! One great thing, it’s cut down on my purchases at the coffee shops!

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