2008 In Review

I had some fun this afternoon looking back through posts of 2008 and thinking about the past year. So I thought I’d do a little summary post about some of the highlights. Nothing earth-shattering here, just the stuff life is made of – day in and day out. I think this post sums up the greatest personal blessing of the past year: the realization that God is continually at work in our lives.

We sponsored a World Vision child.
I mastered the Art of Crockpot cooking. Seriously, I figured out that by assembling ingredients the night before, and using an appliance timer, I can produce crockpot meals that aren’t ruined by overcooking.
I read several more books by Madeleine L’Engle, including The Rock That Is Higher, my first reading of MLE’s take on spiritual things and the word of God. Possibly my favorite so far.
My dad had successful quadruple bypass surgery.
I went on a retreat, actually my first organized retreat with others. Great experience.
I was introduced to Lauren Winner. No, I didn’t actually meet her but I discovered her books, Girl Meets God and Mudhouse Sabbath. Wonderful reads.
We went on a week’s vacation by ourselves – first time in hm, about eight or nine years. We’ve since decided that Myrtle Beach is a little farther than we’d like to go every year, after the return trip turned into a 16 hour drive. I’m pulling for my dream vacation in New England next year!
I celebrated my four year blogging anniversary by quitting blogging. Go figure!
I started another blog (actually this had been around for a while, I just started posting there a little more regularly to fill in the void left by my abandoning my other blog. Did you catch that?)
My parents (finally) sold their house (aka the Funny Farm) and moved just 6.7 miles away from me!
We enjoyed a great weekend getaway in Ohio in October – happy birthday to me!
I resumed blogging. Surprise, surprise! (Funny how my blogging outage was sandwiched between our two vacations – what is that supposed to mean?)
We as a country experienced (and survived) an historic election.
I became an avid fan of Amazon MP3 downloads!
Moved my blog to WordPress.
I read quite a few great books.

So what were the highlights of this year for you? Any that stand out to you, looking back through your blog? Feel free to leave a link or comment.


6 thoughts on “2008 In Review

  1. Love your new look! My kids are both avid WordPress fans and obviously your pictures are worth lots of words – it’s so nice. Hope all is well. Still no time for real blogging for me, but I do miss it and keeping in touch with people like you. Sounds like you’ve had an event filled year. Hope the new one is remarkable!

  2. I thought it was interesting that we moved 6.7 miles from where you live……6.7 acres is the amount of property we owned at the Funny Farm. Great review of 2008.
    Love you….

  3. Happy new year Dianne! I love your new look and great review.
    I should have done something like this or at least taken stock somehow but I’ve been busy and haven’t reflected on it. The first thing that pops in my mind is that 3 out of my 4 kids moved back to my state; all four had been living in four different states from me! My daughter that moved back has 2 of the babies so a huge bonus for me!
    I feel like time is moving at warp speed now and I should try to be more purposeful this year; I’m hoping to memorize more scripture and signed up online to do that and hope it keeps me on track.

  4. Great post! I loved reading about your year in review and might even copy you a bit, if you don’t mind (and if I can still get away with posting about 2008-in-review, even though we’re a week into 2009).

  5. haha, as i read your “firsts in 2008” post, i thought to myself, what a great idea! i should do something like that! oops – guess i already did! that’s the great thing about blogging (one of them) – a way to look back and remember and be challenged.

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