A Balm to My Soul

What? You looking for some soul balm too? What do you think it could be? Some Avon lotion or something like that? Maybe you’re leaning towards the spiritual . . . you’re thinking Bible verse or poem. Or perhaps even the flowers I found next to my bed last night! (Okay actually I didn’t get to find them because the dog blew the secret!)

Well (assuming you guessed), you’re all wrong. What makes me grin unashamedly from ear to ear like I am right now?


As if the sheer joy of borrowing books from the library is not enough, there are always books to review. But if that isn’t enough, I discovered¬† . . . Paperbackswap.com (and its sister sites, SwapaCD and SwapaDVD)!

It’s so simple! You sign up. List 10 books you’re willing to part with (I suggest starting with your husband’s college books that are just collecting dust) and immediately you get credits for 2 – that’s T.W.O – free (that’s F.R.E.E.) books! I don’t think it gets any easier!

On their way to me: The Irrational Season and A Two-Part Invention (adding to my Madeleine L’Engle collection). And on its way out the door: God and Ronald Reagan (not a bad book but not a keeper!)

Now excuse me but I have to go write a review so I can request another book from somewhere else. Oh and I better return my library books so I can check some others out.

I’m in heaven, I tell you! (Please don’t tell my friends at Amazon!)


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