Dinner Disaster

I’ve been on a crockpot kick for about a year now. For me, the amazing little appliance timer has been the ticket. I prepare the food the night before or even pull cooked chicken breast or ground meat out of the freezer, so the food’s good and cold when I put it in the crockpot. I set the timer to start cooking several hours after I leave for work and to stop right around the time Mike should get home. That way it doesn’t cook for ten hours and all turn to mush.

Well, yesterday I had my first official dinner disaster. When I set the timer, I noticed the digital read-out was not so legible. But I was still able to figure it out and set it. I plugged it in, turned on the crockpot and was on my merry way. On the way to work it briefly occurred to me that perhaps more than the digital display was not working. But I quickly dismissed the thought and was soon inundated with the day’s work.

I was almost home when Mike called me and said he and the dog were wondering what to do about dinner. (He was kidding – the dog doesn’t get people food!) Uh oh. The crockpot full of tomatoes, potatoes and ham (green beans to be added) was sitting just as I’d left it, cold and lonely. Confirmed – the timer is broken. So he made do with frozen pizza and nachos and I made a mental note to get myself a new timer. I think it must have gotten wet sitting near the dish drain. Undaunted though, I still am a committed crockpot user. I’m leaving later for work this morning so we’ll try some chicken soup for tonight.

So what about you – ever had a dinner disaster? Are you a crockpot cooker? Do you ever use an appliance timer?


7 thoughts on “Dinner Disaster

  1. Can’t remember my last dinner disaster, but last week I had a cake catastrophe. Thought I had everything to make a friend’s recipe of sour cream pound cake. I didn’t have enough sour cream. So I sent the hubby out for it. When he returned an hour later…half the batter had been mixed. I guess it deflated or something. The cake was lovely on the outside, starting to burn on the top and complete mush in the middle. A sad ending to so many yummy ingredients. Sometimes you just have to put it behind you and move on. As my brother-in-law would say, there’s another meal coming just around the corner.

  2. Dinner disasters? Yes, but Chad will almost always eat anything I “ruin” — he has a much higher tolerance for charred or tasteless food than I do. 🙂

    Crockpot — all the time! This week for chili. Last week was the yummy Tortilla Soup I heard about from you. I’ve been using the same one for about 14 years and keep trying to convince myself that I “need” a fancy new one. But this one still works, so I haven’t indulged yet!

    Appliance timer — no, but I think that’s a great idea. Since I’m home most of the time, I can usually start it. But there have been times when I’m going to be gone in the morning and would like to have a way to turn the crockpot on while I’m gone. I’ll have to think about that…

  3. The timer has been a great thing – just don’t let it sit in your dish drain and get wet. I tried it first on a day I was home. You have to get the hang of setting it, and always make sure you set the time of day, as well as start and stop time.

    Re: Crockpot, last year I invested in one with a removable crock. I love it. I cut stuff up at night and put it in the fridge overnight. I think that’s why the timer thing works so well too. And the removable crock is easier to clean. I heard the ones with the built in timers go bad faster so that’s why I opted for the separate timer.

  4. Oh no! That’s terrible! I did not have a lot of pain tossing the ham bone etc. away. But pound cake – that’s just sad! Sorry. I always remind Mike when he gets a bad meal out (never at home – LOL!) there’s always another meal coming!

  5. I’ve not used a timer but have had a few disasters in my time…and lately even several with the crockpot. I thought I was all organized to get the ingredients put in for Sunday lunch or dinner when I’d be gone all day only to get home and discover I hadn’t turned the crockpot on or turned it on but didn’t plug it in! ARGHH! And you’d think after doing it once I wouldn’t do it again but nope, it took a couple of times….hopefully I’ll remember from now on.

  6. Oooo. Sorry ’bout your dinner disaster. I had one the other night, too. My meatloaf turned out fine, but my oven didn’t fare so well. I guess in my desire to cook big, which I usually do, I overfilled the 13 x 9 pan w/ meatloaf and boy did the grease go everywhere.

    I even called Carl and asked if I should be concerned about a fire. We had so much smoke in the house!

    At least the meatloaf turned out good. And my family….they were so gracious. “Don’t worry mom, it’s okay.” Thanks guys!

  7. I’ve had a few dinner disasters. The most humorous one my husband loves to tell; is about french toast. My mom was never a cook. She only cooked what her mom taught her and it wasn’t anything spectacular. So one day, my husband said he wanted french toast. I made it the way my mom makes it. He took one big bite and then spit it out immediately. I was very upset of course. Then he asked me how I made it, and I explained and he just started laughing and said he would be the official “french toast cooker” from here on out.
    My mom added salt and pepper to the eggs before the bread went in it. So the supposed to be sweet breakfast dish, tasted like peppered eggs with syrup.
    Needless to say, I’ve enjoyed my husbands sweet powdered sugar- covered french toast ever since!!! And I started reading recipes from other people before I make something!

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