Batching It

No, I didn’t say “baching” it, as in what married guys do when their wives are gone for extended period of times. If Sunday night was any indication, I think I know. Mike had a few friends over for the playoff game and afterwards they stayed and watched two episodes of “House.” (definitely not on my watch list!) So anyways I think I know . . . they eat and watch TV! And eat some more. And watch some more TV. And make huge messes!

But oh yeah, this post isn’t about THAT. It’s not about making double batches of cookies either, although that’s usually a worthwhile endeavor. Too worthwhile, if you get my drift!

By batching it, I’m referring to work process. At work (my day job – as if I have a night job!), I find I am most productive when I can do many like tasks. Unfortunately, the nature of customer service doesn’t lend itself well to the luxury of doing all credits for an hour, then truck schedules, then entering new orders. It’s kind of the squeaky wheel thing, which is perhaps why I sometimes feel like a very round peg in a very square hole. (I know, the saying is square peg in a round hole, but the opposite way doesn’t work either and I don’t think I need to call myself square!) But from time to time I’ll stay late and be incredibly productive by processing my work in batches of like tasks.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking how maybe I could become a better blogger if I would blog in batches. Instead of spending six hours trying to come up with a blog post, and really that’s what happens often lately! Of course some of that time is devoted to surfing and checking Twitter updates (my new thing) and maybe texting someone (my other new thing!) or checking Amazon, and eBay for the latest book I think I might want to read, what if I sat down and wrote two or three blog posts at once. And here’s the ticket – what if I didn’t allow myself to post one until I had another one written? Or better yet, prepublished them. So yeah  – like once or twice a week post for the entire week. This is apparently the key to Scot McKnight’s prolific blogging capabilities (I think he actually writes 3 posts a day but all in a short period of time. Of course prolific authors have that going for them! I am prolific at some things – creating dirty laundry and dishes, for example. Not blogging! So once a week would be a good start for me!

Oh and the other “batch” processing I could seriously see saving me some time – waiting until a post is finished before I go linking everything. THAT is a huge time-waster, but apparently the more links you have in a post, the more attractive it is to your reader.

So what do you think?Are there any disciplines or tricks that help you blog in a more productive fashion? If you blog regularly (i.e. at least three times a week) what is it that keeps you going? If you are a more random blogger, why do you think that is? Just curious.

Well, thank you for indulging me in this little exercise. I’m going to publish this now but as you’re reading, know that there’s already another in the hopper, just waiting for the stroke of midnight to make its appearance. We hope!


4 thoughts on “Batching It

  1. I haven’t found a great way to approach blogging. I try to do two posts a week whether I’m inspired or not and when I’m feeling inspired I may have more. Sometimes I work on a post ahead of time, but most of the time those end up getting deleted because I realize they are selfish rantings, “heat of the moment” type of words.

    I’ve got no tried and true method. I just keep plugging away.

    I just joined Twitter and am clueless and followerless. I’m going to find you!

  2. I haven’t found any tricks yet that make it more productive for me! I was more regular in the fall before the holidays and family took priority for me; now my laptop is broken so I’m still not back to anything normal yet.
    It sounds like you’ve got a good system worked out though!

  3. I’m trying a new system, after taking some time to think through what I usually post about. I came up with seven categories, plugged each of them into one day of the week. I also keep a notepad handy and when something strikes me as worth developing I jot it down. The next time I’m at my desk I’ll usually work on 3-4 posts, and then set them to publish in the future. This allows me to post 4-6 days a week, and builds variety in what I’m posting about.

    It’s working for me quite well so far.

  4. I’ve tried multiple times to write all my blog posts in one or two days, but it doesn’t work. I think my process for writing a blog post is too convoluted. I jot notes… then I think…then I write a draft…then I let it sit…then I come back and polish a bit. And I can’t seem to do that for 3 or so posts at a time. So I’ll probably continue to be somewhat sporadic, waiting for a particular post to gel in my mind so that it can come out on the computer screen.

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