The Story That Isn’t

When was the last time you woke up from one of those dreams that was so close to reality, it was scary? For a few moments perhaps, you lie still, willing yourself to live in that dream, experiencing every detail all over again. But after thinking through each detail, you begin to breathe again as you realize, with a sigh of relief, that it was indeed nothing more than a dream.

Sometimes I find myself living in a different kind of unreality – that of assumptions. How easy it is for me to be so sure of what someone else might be thinking or doing, and to base my responses on what I think I know, rather than the truth. In recent weeks, I’ve become more aware of how I often I do this. Before I realize it, I can immerse myself in a story that never was and never will be, taking actions, forming opinions and making decisions – all based on assumptions.

How much better (but more challenging) to live in the Story that is the truest reality I’ll ever know . . . the story of God’s grace that continues its work in our lives today. That is where the abundant life that Jesus promised happens – when I choose to live in the truth.

What story are we living in today? We really have a choice, don’t we?


3 thoughts on “The Story That Isn’t

  1. Very good post, but alas, I’m not one of those who ever remembers my dreams. Maybe for one split second right after I wake up, but never ever after that. I seem to have memory issues. I don’t remember my childhood, growing up, teenage, high school or college years much either 🙂

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