Book Giveaway: Rest – Living in Sabbath Simplicity

A few years back, I volunteered on Saturday nights in a church bookstore. You can imagine that I was in my glory, surrounded by good books, not to mention the relative peace and quiet while most people were in the service. It was a great time to be introduced to some new authors, one of which was Keri Wyatt Kent.

Several weeks ago I reviewed Keri’s newest book, Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity. In it, she speaks of God’s invitation to each and everyone of us to experience his gift of rest. You can read my review here if you want to learn more about it. You can also visit Keri’s website, where she has a list of several blogs where she’s been interviewed over the past few weeks. Better yet, you can register to win your own copy of this book by leaving a comment below!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the practice of Sabbath. How do you respond to God’s invitation to stop and rest? What does “Sabbath” look like for you? Leave your comments below and I’ll announce a winner on Thursday. I do believe this is the first book giveaway I’ve ever hosted, and I’m thrilled that it’s one of Keri’s books I can share with you.


2 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Rest – Living in Sabbath Simplicity

  1. This particular title interests me because when I was in recovery November 1995 my doctor came to visit me in the hospital saying, “As I taught my Sunday school class this morning about Sabbath rest I was thinking of you the whole time”. He then proceeded to give me the details of his message. Of course when you are recovering you really seem to have no choice but “to rest”, however you do have a choice. You can fight it mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and wear yourself out or do what my doctor said and surrender to the “rest” that Christ has for you. I chose to accept his advice. So, did I continue to take this resting in Christ…..No, sometimes I am run ragged. Time to be reminded by reading this book you are offering.

    Thanks Dianne. Love reading your blog as you make me think about things from a different perspective.

  2. I’d love to be entered in the giveaway, and have enjoyed several of Keri’s books. Sabbath can be a difficult concept for me when I’m in the midst of mothering a young child. Being always “on call” is part of the deal, so stopping and resting can take a little creativity. The biggest part for me is just consciously setting aside all the “obligations” I can, and just enjoying and resting in the natural rhythm of the day and, yes, of caring for my kids.

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