A Fickle Kind of Love

He loves me. He loves me not. He . . .

Okay, I realize it’s not all about me. Especially not when we’re talking dentists. Nevertheless certain things just throw you for a loop some days!

I was thrilled last fall to learn that my dentist, who had quit practicing in 1998-ish, was back in business. I wasted no time making an appointment and getting reacquainted. His face lit up when he saw me – I swear it did. Okay, he WAS good looking but honestly that’s not the reason I went to him. I started going to him when I was a teen and he was just the best. Never tried to sell me a new mouth. Anyways, all was put to right last fall. I notified the Dentist-of-the-Month Club that I was canceling my membership.

Sigh. I just called today to confirm an upcoming appointment. What? Didn’t I get a letter? What letter? He’s no longer there? OH NO!!!!! How can he do this to me?? I am in shock. Dismay. Heartbroken. (If you read my previous post re: dental woes, you’ll understand I have dentist issues!) Time to start searching for another dentist.


3 thoughts on “A Fickle Kind of Love

  1. No way…..I am brokenhearted too. Let’s pray he is just going to start his own business again. He lives in the North Hills. Maybe the travel was just too much..and going to different offices every day! I can’t believe it!

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