Around the Blogosphere: Bosses, Wordle & the Trinity

One of the limitations of WordPress is the restrictions on the use of Javascript, hence all my beloved widgets are gone. One of my favs was the Google Reader sharing option, which appeared as a link in my sidebar to some excellent posts. There’s so much good stuff out there and while I’m not a huge fan of blogrolls, I do like to point people in the direction of other good thoughts.

In the absence of that widget, I’m going to start doing a post every so often with links to some worthwhile posts “around the blogosphere.” So without further ado:

What Kind of Boss Are You? – This site (and post) is intended for writers, but since in so many areas we need to be our own bosses, it makes sense to ask ourselves the question Kristi Holl is posing.

Blog Art: Wordle Again – I discovered this site through my pastor, who linked to Marla’s site the first time she did a Wordle post and am so glad she did another one. What a fun way to see what exactly it is you’re about on your blog. Kind of a quick temperature taker of sorts!

The Trinity on My Run – I loved this bit of poetic worship shared by Mary DeMuth recently. BTW, if you’re into the writing scene, she’s got a wealth of resources for  you, including her Writing Spa and her blog for writers, So You Wanna Be Published.

I hope you’ll take some time to visit these blogs and be blessed as I have been.


2 thoughts on “Around the Blogosphere: Bosses, Wordle & the Trinity

  1. Ok, I’ve heard of clouds and tags and things, but Wordle is new to me! I had to laugh, because that’s also the name of a word game I play on my iPhone, LOL! I lurve word games, btw!

    Have a great day!

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