WordPress vs. Blogger

So I’ve been using WordPress for over a month now. For the most part I’m happy with it. For anyone who may be considering a move, I thought I’d do a quick summary post on the pros and cons from my point of view.


  • WP’s Dashboard is easier to use. It seems more intuitive to me.
  • I appreciate being able to read and respond to comments from within the Dashboard.
  • I like the tabbed pages option.
  • I really like the cleaner look, although I’m not sure if that’s just the template I’ve chosen or an overall WP feel.
  • I appreciate being able to post pictures again, although I still have no idea why I can’t view or post pictures to Blogger. Funny, that was the primary impetus for this move and yet I hardly ever post pictures. Okay, here’s a random one for your viewing pleasure:



  • My biggest gripe so far is the limitation WP puts on widgets. Basically I don’t think they allow any Javascript widgets, unless you go to the trouble of registering your blog on your own domain (something like that, my brain is fuzzy tonight) and play around with CSS, something I really haven’t had time to do.
  • In addition, I wish I could add certain widgets more than once. For example, I’d like to be able to add another set of links and call it something else. WP only lets you add a links widget once. Again, probably something that can be modified in CSS but again, I don’t have time.

Overall, I’m enjoying my new digs here on WordPress very much. Perhaps I’m getting my blogging mojo (or whatever they call it) back. I feel like I’m enjoying it more anyways!


4 thoughts on “WordPress vs. Blogger

  1. I’ve only ever used WordPress, so I have nothing to compare it to 🙂 I’ve often wondered what blogger looks like “on the inside” and how easy it is to use, but since we have our own website and host our own domain and all that geeky stuff, I’ve never ventured out and tried. Of course, our site is still down, as is my blog, but that’s ok. Whereas you’re getting your mojo back, I’ve lost mine and am actually really enjoying the break, LOL!

    Look at that puppy cuteness, you definitely need to post more photos!!! 🙂

  2. MacGuiver is so cute! Last year he sat on “MY” lap…remember? Guess he wants to “spread his love”.
    Cool green collar.

  3. Aww, cute MacGyver!

    Though I had grown to like Blogger, I am definitely enjoying my wordpress blog. However, I did go the route of having it self-hosted (or whatever), because I use javascript semi-regularly and really needed/wanted that flexibility.

    And your blogger-picture problem is bizarre – it is so strange that you can’t see them…

  4. I have one blog on blogger (not a very active one!). It’s only purpose is to post travel pics and such for the fam. Never had a problem with the pics.

    WordPress and I have a love/hate relationship. I do like it. I just don’t understand it all. Fortunately, techy husband is very patient!

    I love your header picture. Very evocative!

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