NOT All That!

So I recently purchased an iPod Touch, a purchase which I pondered for a few months and finally decided to go for it. It lasted all of about three days – the excitement that is. The iPod actually lasted all of six days, after which I sheepishly returned it to the Apple store. And offered this explanation: “It was too much. Or not enough. I either need just an iPod (and didn’t tell them that any MP3 player would suit me fine). Or I need an iPhone . . . or perhaps a Mac.”

It’s hard to explain. It was fun. It just wasn’t “all that” for me. I think I wanted more connectivity than the sleek little gadget offered. I got frustrated trying to connect to the WiFi in Starbucks Sunday morning and thought, if this is what I have to go through to check email or some other Internet feed, is that worth it? And if I’m going to connect at a place like Starbucks or Panera, don’t I want the familiar feel of a keyboard beneath my fingers?

But if I could create the gadget of my dreams, what would it be like? What would be “all that” for me? Or perhaps it’s already out there and I just don’t want to pay for it! Like a phone with a better keyboard for texting. Or perhaps a netbook that allows me to access all my documents on Google Documents when I’m out and about (at a WiFi hotspot of course). And Open Office to create new documents when I don’t have internet access. Maybe I’d really like Mobile Broadband but at $60/month there’s no way. I’m not nearly important enough to need to be that connected – perhaps someday but not now.

I have to say, I’m feeling quite good about myself being able to push through the angst and make things right (right for me, that is)! And impressed with my ability to repackage the thing so well that the guy was willing to give me the complete refund as unopened (even though I assured him it had been used, he didn’t seem to believe me!)

So what about you? Ever have buyer’s remorse? Or do you perhaps have a gadget/netbook option you’d recommend? Or should I just stick to my notebooks and pencils?


3 thoughts on “NOT All That!

  1. Well, since I already sang the praises of the iPod touch, I’m probably not the right person to ask. 🙂 But I think it’s great that you were willing to take it back (sometimes, when I mess up, I “punish” myself by making myself keep it, whatever “it” is). And I’m glad they refunded all you’re money — that’s fantastic!

    I hear you on mobile broadband — it would be very cool, but is definitely not in the budget!

    And sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation to find just the right gadget. Those netbooks look very cool, so if you get one, I hope you’ll do a review / update post for us!

  2. Like Katrina, I’ve already sung the praises of my iPhone, which I really love. I think it makes a huge difference that I can always be online, Wi-Fi hotspots or not, as long as I’m on the 3G network. Which I am about 95% of the time (the exception being visiting relatives out of town in rural areas). I love the ability to have it all with me, but you’re right about the keyboard. Even though I really like the touch keypad on the Iphone/Ipod Touch, it is much slower than a regular notebook or maybe one of those phone slider keyboards. Still, the iPhone gives me pretty much everything I could look for in a mobile device. I’m sorry the Ipod touch didn’t do that for you and I hope you find a solution that does work for you.

    I am also very impressed that you decided to take it back, and that you did, and mostly, that you got every cent back, that’s just amazing! I’m sort of surprised Apple would take it back, for whatever reason 🙂

    Good for you 🙂

  3. I don’t have a gadget to recommend, wish I did though! I have had buyer’s remorse many times about things. I’m very impressed they took it back, that’s some expert repackaging!
    Iphones aren’t an option for us with the provider we use right now, and hubby has a business contract so no chance of changing anytime soon. But they look fun.

    And I must be the relative in the rural area Stacy is talking about!

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