Love & Promises

So in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been treating myself to a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. Talking about being nice to oneself!! But the best part about the promises are the inspirational and thought-provoking sayings inside each wrapper. Today’s thought: Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. I love this because it goes along with this post by one of my new favorite writing sites, that encourages us to build our writing muscle by tackling little bits at a time. I am finding this to carry over to many areas of my life (helps that a friend and I are committed to challenging ourselves in a few areas).

Oh and the love part . . . we never do anything on Valentine’s Day. It’s too crowded and besides, we like Groundhog Day better . . ., since that’s when we got engaged. But what a treat to receive an email Friday afternoon, “asking me out” to dinner and a movie Friday night! Oh, that spoke volumes to me!


2 thoughts on “Love & Promises

  1. Aw, hope you had a great Valentine’s date! We usually stay home too — I make a Valentine’s meal for all my boys. It’s the same meal every year, but a delightful and treasured tradition.

    (Just finished up my Dove chocolates that serve as my special treat each afternoon!)

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