Yearly Reads

There are several books I’ve decided I want to read once a year or so if possible (probably not the entire books but good portions of them). I’ve listed them below, in chronological order according to when I read them, and noted my lasting impressions alongside each (I just realized I don’t own The Jesus Creed or Mudhouse Sabbath but I’d like to add them to my collection):

Sacred Companions (first 3-4 chapters) (the realization that God wants to transform my life – a huge awakening point for me)

The Gift of Being Yourself (another good one by David Benner)

I John (what does love look like?)

The Jesus Creed (a reminder to see and treat every person as made in the image of God; the importance and beauty of community)

If You Want to Walk on Water,  You’ve Got to Get out of the Boat (what’s holding me back?)

Mudhouse Sabbath (a light helping of spiritual disciplines, flavored with a rich Judaic perspective)

The Rock that Is Higher (Madeleine L’Engle’s insightful look into Scripture as story)

So how about you? Are there books you reread portions or all of regularly? What is it about those books that keeps drawing you back?


One thought on “Yearly Reads

  1. Hm, I don’t think there are any books I read on a yearly basis. There are a few that I tend to revisit with some regularity, though — Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Eliot; and Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God by Mary DeMuth. Both are devotional-type books that offer inspiration and sound counsel, while making it feel like I’m talking to a good friend or mentor.

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