Spring Reading Thing 2009

I decided to throw in my hat for Katrina’s Spring Reading Thing this spring, basically because I need to get back on track with finishing some books. Oh, and because I need to read the books I’ve been getting free from paperbackswap.com.

Poetic Medicine (John Fox) on writing poetry – I never fare well with these type of books but I’m giving it a go
The Ordering of Love (Madeleine L’Engle) a collection of her poetic works
Certain Women (Madeleine L’Engle) one I picked up at paperbackswap.com, I’ve never read any of MLE’s adult fiction
Firstlight (Sue Monk Kidd) I’ve never read any of her novels but this non-fiction looked good, another swap bargain
Stone Crossings – Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places (L.L. Barkatt) heard good things about this
Home to Holly Springs – (Jan Karon) the only fiction currently on my list (unless my friend Katrina coughs up another Bug Man novel!) I’m still a Mitford fan at heart
The Sacred Echo (Margaret Feinberg) enjoyed Organic God and looking forward to her thoughts on the many ways God speaks to us
Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight) one of my goals to reread several favorites this year

So that’s it for me – a manageable list with lots of room for the predictable deviations and additions!


4 thoughts on “Spring Reading Thing 2009

  1. I’m a fan of the Mitford books, haven’t read Home to Holly Springs yet though! The only book by Kidd I’ve read is Secret Life of Bees but loved it. Happy reading!

  2. I think you’ll really like Stone Crossings. And I DO have a bugman book on my shelf, just waiting to be passed on to you! So you might end up with an additional fiction book on your list. 🙂 Thanks for being part of the reading fun!

  3. I fell asleep last night reading “Staging Your Home”. Alas, probably not the time of life to join a reading thing. I am reading ‘Hawk and Dove’ Sarah lent me and when I finally get through that I have The Christmas Sweater borrowed from the library, but the chances of making a lot of progress in reading over the next couple of months is dismal. Read something good for me!

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