Thoughts on Spring Cleaning

  1. It takes me extremely long to get started. That alone delays the inevitable.
  2. For example, I suddenly need to make a list. Which reminds me of the 6 page spring cleaning list I found online. Now would be a good time to go print that off. And while I’m at it, perhaps I’ll print a few other things and finally put together that household notebook I’ve been meaning to assemble. I better eat breakfast first. While I eat, I might as well catch up on my magazine reading. Would now be a good time to plan menus for the next 2 months? (I’m joking but the thought did tiptoe across my mind!) Oops, I’m out of breakfast before I’m out of reading material. I better make myself some coffee . . . don’t want to be thwarted in my efforts by a headache! You get the drift.
  3. About 7 hours later (not sequential), I’m almost done with the kitchen (except for the stove and refrigerator but neither are that bad so they can wait). That’s just the kitchen and it’s small as kitchens go.
  4. Do you think my fear that, by time I finish, it will no longer be spring, is a legitimate one?
  5. Unfortunately, I have yet to put the snowmen (a recurring theme) away. At least I have removed them from display and toted them all to the gameroom.
  6. How do you moms with little ones under foot do it? I only have to navigate a dog (easily occupied with a toy) and a grown man who unfortunately (but perhaps conveniently) laid up with a bad ankle!
  7. My favorite saying these days: “do a little more than you think you possibly can.” (saying printed on a Dove Promises dark chocolate wrapper).
  8. Hm, perhaps I should have been rewarding myself along the way with bits of dark chocolate. I’m sure that would have made a difference.
  9. I’m seriously considering starting a business called House-Swapping. The theory is people always enjoy cleaning someone else’s house more than their own. So for a small fee, people can register with me and I will match them with someone to swap houses with for a cleaning session. First though, they will have to prove their cleaning prowess to me – gotta be bonifide, you know. That will entail a mere test clean. The test site – my home of course! Brilliant, don’t you agree?
  10. Last thought on spring cleaning. It helps if you lay the 6 page cleaning list in a prominent site, where your husband can see it. Even if he doesn’t choose to (or can’t) pitch in, he will at least make the connection between the work you are doing and the list that threatens to overwhelm you. He will be sure to take you out to dinner so you don’t need to dirty the kitchen you worked so hard to clean. In the end, it makes it worth the effort!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Spring Cleaning

  1. You are too funny. Of course I can relate to the breakfast/reading thing. But I give myself little incentives to move along. (“You can read that later after you do the dishes” or “you can have 10 jellybeans after you throw in the laundry”).

    Doesn’t always work though. Sometimes I disobey myself. Tis a pity. My house still needs cleaned. But will it ever be clean enough? Nope.

    So sometimes I just say “enough”. I’ve done enough for one day.

  2. House swapping? I’m so tired of cleaning my own, I cant even fathom getting enough energy to clean someone else’s. I’d be perfectly content to sit inside someone else’s however, not caring a whit if it’s messy or not. I eat however many bowls of cheerios it takes to read the paper – seems to work for me!

  3. Oh my goodness…this reminds me of the letter I wrote Deb when she was traveling and you wrote one about the same subject: Our version of how I clean house…I knew we were related!! You are a riot! I like the House Swapping idea…should I promote you? Just joking!

  4. Good post — you made me laugh out loud! Unfortunately for my family, “spring cleaning” isn’t even part of my vocabulary… Maybe once Logan’s in school, I’ll do something akin to spring cleaning. For now, it’s minimal, basic, survival cleaning.

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