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  1. How many different titles can one come up with for these random musing type posts?
  2. Thinking about this swine flu and wondering if the influence of the media is positive or negative? Part of me fears it may be perceived as the the “boy who cried wolf” at some point. Think of the events over the past five years that have resulted in nonstop media coverage, from local incidents like Ben Roethlisburger’s motorcycle accident to John Kennedy Jr.’s fatal flight to the yearly wildfires that plague California and the numerous other natural disasters, not to mention political campaigns and the accompanying scandals. How much of this information was absolutely essential to our immediate well-being? Are we immune to real and potential danger when it presents itself? Do we mentally process this through our “need-to-know” filters and file it in the “not an immediate concern to me” category? What are your thoughts on the media response to this situation? How concerned are you about this potential threat?
  3. Today as I watched yet another Andy Griffith episode, it occurred to me that many of the episodes center on Andy concocting a plan to avoid telling someone some painful truth. The truth being that Aunt Bee can’t make pickles that don’t taste like kerosene to save her life and that Barney can’t sing his way out of a paper bag! The only problem is that his attempts usually backfire miserably. That got me to thinking – just how honest we are willing to be with people? Beyond the pickle and singing level, I mean. Is this how relationships go bad sometimes . . . uncomfortable¬† situations arise and rather than approaching them with gentle honesty, we look for ways to circumvent the problem and maybe even avoid the relationship in the long run? Pretty deep stuff for TVLand, I realize but I just wonder how many of our relationships are based in gut level honesty?
  4. Further thoughts on honesty: for it to work, doesn’t it have to be received well? And are we the becoming the kind of people who are receptive to even the hardest truth?
  5. Every spring it seems like I notice a different “first” blooming. Some years it’s forsythia or azalea. This year it’s the Saucer Magnolia that’s caught my attention. I realize that everything has its season. This just happens to be a good year for these trees. Of course, now I want to cut down a tree in my backyard and plant one of these!

One thought on “This and That

  1. I’ve been mulling over honesty lately, and what it means to communicate honestly but lovingly. Very difficult, sometimes…

    As for swine flu, I admit that I am prone to worry about illnesses, at least while I have a young child. I can handle economic crises, rumors of war, etc., but put a new flu virus out there, and I get nervous! I try not to read or listen to too much about it, because while some information is good, too much is not.

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