Thought-provoking or Action-orienting?

I read a blog post today that inspired me greatly (Marla inspires me. Period.) I’d been thinking along the same lines and this was kind of a sweet confirmation that I need to move in a certain direction. As I paused to leave a comment, I realized I couldn’t say it was thought-provoking. Wouldn’t be true, because as I’ve already said, the thoughts weren’t new to me. But they were action-orienting.

When my husband builds a fire in our woodstove and leaves me to tend it all night, sometimes I nod off in the comforting warmth. I’ll awaken and find the remnant coals barely glowing. I’ll don his big leather gloves, grab the poker and stir up the burning embers, hoping to revive a flame without having to relight.

Thought-provoking is a good thing. It’s good to have our thinking stirred up a bit, our isolated perspectives redrawn to consider new possibilities, our mental prowess stretched and challenged. I like when a word or a scripture verse is on my mind and I’m pushing into it, and someone comes along and offers a totally different way of looking at it. The stirring up often rekindles a bit of latent energy. But in the end, it’s action that makes a difference, isn’t it? (And by action I mean intentional action based on right thinking, not the impulsive actions based on the spur of the moment or impulse).

I want to be action-oriented. I’m not really. I get stuck in the thought stage far too often. My pastor once referred to this as the “knowing-doing gap.” And where action is concerned, I want to not only be more action-oriented, but I want to inspire others to action as well.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


2 thoughts on “Thought-provoking or Action-orienting?

  1. I’m much better at thinking than doing, sadly. But I do appreciate when something I read or hear stirs up dormant thoughts and pushes me past whatever invisible barrier I’ve erected, into the realm of positive action.

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