Sleeping With Bread 2

Sleeping With Bread, Take Two:

This week I’m choosing to answer a different set of questions: When did I feel most creative? When did I feel least creative?

When did I feel most creative? I had a couple moments this week when I felt surprisingly alive and actually realized in the moment that feeling was due to being in creative mode. I got some new photoediting software and ended up playing around with it until almost 1am Friday morning. I woke up tired but thrilled that I’d gone through an entire online tutorial and actually created something in the process. Then Friday at work, I realized our business software has a cool capability that would greatly streamline some of the order entry procedures. Although I couldn’t get it working, just playing around trying to figure it out was greatly energizing.

When did I feel least creative? I have an order on for a shipment coming in from overseas that will be 12 days late and customer is not happy even though part of the delay is due to their not providing info in a timely fashion. “Why didn’t we know this would affect our shipment?” Grrr. I hate anything to do with international orders. They give me more than the hebee jebees . . . things like ulcers and sleepless nights. I feel anything but creative in dealing with these little issues that creep up . . . running and hiding comes to mind.

Needless to say, I’m trying to take the joy and insight of those creative moments into this week and trust God with the other stuff!

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  1. These are great questions. Funny, I often feel most creative when I wake up in the morning and stay in bed daydreaming, pretending to the world that I am still asleep. : )

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