An Artist At Heart

It’s like a lightbulb has come on in the past few weeks for me. I think I have art in my blood. I mean visual art.

In talking with some friends recently, and reading some stuff, hearing messages at church and via podcast and just noticing what really energizes me, it’s the visual stuff that makes my heart beat faster. I guess I’ve just always been too busy or too lazy to nurture that side of me. And to be fair, I spent about 8-10 years in an environment where creativity wasn’t really encouraged and all the artwork I did was to “spec.”  There was no motivation to live into the passion.

I’ve been “writing” for about ten years now . . . playing around with words, even playing around with “poetry” recently – all of which I enjoy. I think writing is a good means of expression, and certainly an outlet for the thoughts that seem to chase around in my head. I’m one of those geeks that actually enjoys the mundane business of editing and proofreading. But when I think about it, what drew me into writing was not passion. It was looking for an alternate means of income. Which I haven’t really managed to make happen. YET.

Nevertheless, I think I need to find ways and time and reason to spend more time with the visual stuff. Not sure what that means and I’m totally thinking out loud here. But wanted to record this little splash of enlightenment somewhere and my own blog seemed like a good enough place to do so!!


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