Sleeping with Bread 4

I always remember hearing that the Jewish people began their days in the evenings, preparing for the next day the night before. There seems to be tangible value in viewing the end of a day as merely the beginning of another.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been walking through an audio version of a prayer of examen.  Those few minutes just before I fall off to sleep are an ideal time to recount the events of the past day. Learning to be aware of God’s presence throughout each day makes such a difference in how well I sleep. And as often as God brings it to mind, I’ve been trying to start my days expectantly, recalling that “this is the day the Lord has made . . . ” as I lay in bed, half awake. I like to imagine that God is inviting me into the day. Doing so helps me feel less like my days are just a series of loose ends and more as though God is daisy-chaining them together.

When did I feel most alive? This Monday begins the last of four 4-day weeks in a row for me. Seriously, I could get used to this! I spent Friday with my dad at a giant flea market in Ohio – one of our favorite things to do. We neither one bought much, but somehow we managed to spend over five hours there, just taking our time poring over other people’s junk! Like many other people, Memorial Day is when we get the garden and flowers planted and Saturday found me at another flea market in search of plants (everything was pretty picked over by time we got there). We spent Sunday evening at the home of some friends from church – a great time of music and way too much food!

When did I feel most drained of life? At some point Friday night, I was starting to feel drained . . . and the weekend was barely begun. It was good to stop and realize why . . . as usual, I tend to approach days off with an unachievable to-do list, in a state of perpetual motion, with little or no allowance for anything life-giving and energizing. For an introvert, that translates to some intentional quiet time . . . a nap, some light fiction reading and probably a hike or bike ride Monday morning. I’ve managed to totally ruin four-day weekends in the past, so this awareness was a sign of growth and an extra serving of bread this week.

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3 thoughts on “Sleeping with Bread 4

  1. I like this a lot. I actually stopped this morning before tossing my legs over to land feet on the floor, and prayed, turning the day over to God. But I really like the idea of thinking over what where the highs and lows of a day and learning from them. Great stuff!

  2. Oh, flea markets and sifting through old ‘stuff’ is one of my favoritest things. I don’t take a whole lot home–just ooohh and ahhhh and laugh a whole lot over what used to be.

    I struggle with being practical when the weekend comes. Demands I place on myself, mostly–on top of responsibilities to others. That ‘rest’ stuff is still a struggle for me.

    Nightly inventories/examens have served me well–I know exactly what direction I’m heading when I awaken, which is a really, really good thing.

    Thanks for sharing your bread with us!
    Blessings to you and yours!!

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