Good Gifts

I have received several gifts over the past few days. And am realizing even the awareness of these gifts is in itself a gift, like 3-D glasses that allow you to appreciate a visual story in even greater depth. I skipped the Sleeping With Bread meme this week, but I’ve been sleeping with these oh so fragrant gifts tucked close to my heart:

  • an invitation (or two). In this stage of my life, I often find myself on the initiating end of things. So I received an invitation the other day as a wonderful gift. Someone took the time to extend themselves and followed through with a plan and all I had to do was show up and be blessed. But on the other hand, I realized that as often as I initiate things, it’s a way for me to give to others.
  • a response. The other day I shared some words (something I’d written) with a friend, via email. Even as I hit “send,” a wave of doubt swept over me – feelings of insecurity and “what if she thinks I’m weird!” But I just hit send, feeling certain that I was obeying a Spirit-led prompting. And I’m learning to let go of responses, realizing that’s out of my control. And yet God saw fit to bring a response my way, an affirmation of sorts to both of us.
  • prayer. I always think it’s God that changes things. And yet prayer does have this mysterious role in our relationship with God and others. Anyways, the prayers of a friend were a timely gift the other day and it was exciting to share with that friend how God worked and the whole experience has kind of left me in awe. How exactly did prayer change things?

Even as I write this, I am aware of a common thread of friendship running through each of these gifts. And isn’t that one of the greatest gifts?

So what good gifts have you received this week?


3 thoughts on “Good Gifts

  1. Good for you to experience the ‘do it anyway’ and put yourself out there…..the only way past my fear is through it. (or so I’m told…..)

    Gifts for the week include:

    * a voice text of a wee one snoring. LOL I think I’ve listened to it a good dozen times–makes me smile every time.
    * much like you, an invitation to lunch. It’s cool to just haffta show up!
    * a text message asking if I was okay. That meant a lot, to know it mattered enough to brave asking, yaknow? (I don’t always make it comfortable for people to ask….)

  2. Always good to have a reminder to notice the little things, because of the great stuff they hold. We all need reminders that someone out there cares that we’re here, and then a nudge to do the same for others God brings to mind.

  3. Didn’t receive any gift this week. But expecting some in coming weeks. I love to give and take gifts from my friends and relatives. Nice blog. ENjoyed going through it.

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