Sleeping With Bread 5

Sleeping With Bread is a Monday meme based on the practice of examen, a time of stopping to review the week or day and seeking to be more aware of God’s presence.

As I thought back over the past few days, it occurred to me how different my SWB posts might be, if the meme fell on a Thursday or Friday. As it is, on Mondays, the thing nearest to my mind is the weekend – time spent with loved ones, worshiping, relaxing, etc. It’s kind of like the chocolate sauce running down over the frozen whipped cream which covers the peanut butter that’s nesting on a smooth bed of chocolate. And the crust is at the very bottom, where it should be. Posting towards the end of the week however, might be more like eating the crust first. And as anyone in my family knows . . . I have no use for pie crust (unless it’s the graham cracker sort)! Funny how perspective changes everything!

So I’m reaching back a little beyond the weekend in answering this question: When did I have the greatest sense of belonging? Least sense of belonging?

Of course in Pittsburgh we’re celebrating the Stanley Cup win and once again, I am reminded that I do love this city. Not because of it’s sports victories, of course, but those times do highlight what I think is at the heart of the city – a deep camaraderie and love of “place.” It makes me thankful for all those places where I know I belong.

But there’s one place I feel like I don’t belong and it was highlighted to me again this week at work. When I joined this customer service team that serves the East region, I actually replaced the girl who became my boss (who was also my good friend – to make it more confusing!) She had a great relationship with the regional director and a few of the sales people, and to this day – well, let’s just say they’ve never broken it off! So where those people should be coming to me now for questions, they still go to her. I try to shake it off but it’s just a little reminder of those groups in high school where you felt like you never really belonged. But then I ask myself – is this really where I want to belong anyways? The answer to that question is pretty telling!

So that’s the bread I’m holding on to this week – knowing where I belong!


One thought on “Sleeping With Bread 5

  1. Oh, good point.

    I reached back a full week and didn’t like what I saw. But that’s not unusual for me. I’m practiced at longer term inventories….and searching. I do see the good–but I tend to focus on the defects and not spend a whole lot of time celebrating and giving thanks for the assets.

    As to ‘where do I want to belong’?
    Oh, just about everywhere….LOL Where do I want to spend my energy belonging?
    Actually…..’THERE’ doesn’t take energy at all. *sigh*

    Geeze….maybe that’s a source of my ‘tiredness’ with all the going and doing of last week…..trying to ‘belong’ in every situation I drove to….
    Oy geeze….I need to rethink the problem AGAIN. LOL

    Shoot…LOL I just whined!

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