Repost: Vacation No’s

(This was originally posted 2 years ago after a family vacation. Funny to look back and see where I was – what’s the same, what’s changed, etc. Thought it appropriate to repost now seeing another vacation is on the horizon!)

So where’ve I been? Oh yeah, supposed to be working on some new posts while on vacation, right? Not happening! In the meantime, here are some things the absence of which makes vacation a whole lot more fun:

  • No makeup. This summer I haven’t even been wearing foundation, just eyeliner, mascara, powder and a bit of blush if I remember. And lipstick when someone at work asks if I’m feeling alright! But vacation week I’m lucky to get some eyeliner on each day. I so love going sans makeup!
  • No alarm clock. But I think I have the same internal alarm clock my gram did, because I wake up every day no later than 6:00 am anyways. Out of courtesy to my sleep-loving husband, I try to be still until after 7:00 am but that’s easier said than done when there’s a nice long walk or bike ride calling my name!
  • No blogs. My growing Google Reader list is up to almost 40 new posts. I’m pretty proud of myself for refraining from my typical blog-reading addiction this week, with the exception of the blog containing notes from the Sunday message. Believe me, I miss you all but there will be plenty of time to catch up next week.
  • No laptop. I know my husband finds it hard to believe but I didn’t bring my laptop Lizzy with me this week. Kind of freeing, you know. Although my goal to stay totally unplugged only lasted until sometime Tuesday, I have managed to keep my computer time to a minimum.
  • No bedtime. Yes, I have a bedtime. It’s basically whatever time my husband starts heading to bed. He’s big on getting eight hours sleep – go figure! But on vacation . . . no alarm clock and no bedtime. Reading until 1 or 2 in the morning is totally sanctioned while on vacation!
  • No Weight-watchers. Although I reached lifetime status several months ago, I still try to adhere to the better eating habits I learned while on the program. Until we crossed the PA-MD stateline. And it’s been a week of just eating whatever and kind of fun too. Although I still crave vegetables and salads most of all.
  • No snoring, sniffling, sneezing, whining, farting dog in bed with us! 🙂 Although we love our dog dearly, I at least enjoy reaching over with my feet and feeling other human feet instead of fur!

So now what’s next, you ask? A Vacation “Yes” post? Nah. Too predictable I think, given that this was a big family vacation! Maybe a book review or two is in order, since I’ve already finished several great books this week.