Feed Reader Diet

I find myself often and easily overwhelmed with reading material. I can’t blame this problem on anyone but me. Several months ago, I realized that my blog subscriptions were multiplying like rabbits. Not only that,  a teeny bit of obsessive compulsion (i.e. “Monkishness”) meant that I could not stand to have unread posts, so I was constantly reading, just to mark things read. (What? There’s a Mark All Read button? Now that would just be cheating, wouldn’t it?) Needless to say, lots of time was being sucked up by all this blogginess!

Drastic times call for drastic measures. I decided to set up categories for each day of the week, excluding weekends. I whittled down my list of subscriptions and dragged each survivor over to a different day of the week. Most days I have between 3-5 blogs for that day. My rule is I can read anything for that day all day long but after that, I have to wait till next week rolls around again. I have a few blogs in a Favorite Friends category; these I will read anytime I want, including weekends. I also have a “Creativity Blogs” category, for poetry and art-related blogs.

My blog-reading has been reduced to about 15 minutes each day; I’m only reading blogs I really want to read and I always have posts waiting to be read. I subscribe and unsubscribe to blogs at will and I often reorganize my reads so the days are balanced (for example, I like to space out the writing blogs I follow so I’m reading something on the topic almost daily).

It’s always surprising to me when I put some good habit in place and find some stickability! Now what I need to do is figure out how to make this habit work for a few other areas of my life.

How about you? Ever get bogged down in your blog reading habits? How have you dealt with it?