Fall Hodgepodge

In an effort to keep the old blog rolling along, not to mention keep my blogging/writing skills honed, I offer you just a bit of this and that:

  • This is my favorite time of year. Although I feel the holiday months ahead shuffling their way to center stage, a splash of autumn color always settles me down, reminds me to breathe. I’m hoping to catch one last leaf-peeping this weekend if we can swing a long drive somewhere.
  • I’m already immersed in my fall reading list. Time may get tight but there’s always room for a few pages of a good book. I’m well into The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith. Each chapter wraps up with a spiritual practice to consider, and the suggestion is so gentle I can hardly just move on to the next chapter without giving it a try.
  • I’m keeping The Irrational Season at my bedside. That’s exactly where Madeleine L’Engle belongs, at the end of the day, to pause and consider the deeper things of life from her simple and practical perspective.
  • But Molly Wizenberg’s A homemade life : stories and recipes from my kitchen table has been fast-tracked to the top of my list, due to the fact that I have it on a one-week library loan and I despise having overdue books. The fact that there were 12 holds on it inspired me to dive right in. Actually I’ll probably end up buying this book, for the recipes alone. Julie and Julia reminded me of my Gram’s determination to master some French cooking techniques. Kathleen Flinn’s The Sharper the Knife, the Less You’ll Cry inspired me to follow my own dreams. But Molly Wizenberg makes me want to get into the kitchen and cook. Period. Any book that starts off with a recipe for one’s father’s potato salad is sure to be a winner!
  • I do have a life outside of books, believe it or not. And October is just a cool month to enjoy that life, as it’s full of family birthdays (nephew and brother-in-law), anniversaries (ours and my sister’s) and oh – my own birthday!
  • I was rear-ended yesterday, to add a little excitement to the month. I’m sore but otherwise okay and I have to say the insurance process was relatively painless.
  • We’ve been hearing critter racket around here lately. Honestly it was so loud the other morning, my dog was barking at who knows what. I was certain a racoon had set up home in our attic. Turns out birds are seeking shelter in our woodstove chimney. Can’t blame them – the gameroom is my favorite place to be too. Mike opened the stove tonight though and Mr. Sparrow Jr. flapped around the house for a while. He is lucky Mike is an animal-lover; when I got home all the windows upstairs were opened. We shooed him out from behind the desk and eventually he headed back outside where he belongs! Obviously we need our chimney checked!
  • That’s it for the most part. Gotta run . . . I got something in the oven. It’s not food, it’s not a baby but it’s big and exciting and  . . . well, that’s all I can say for now.

One thought on “Fall Hodgepodge

  1. Loved this hodgepodge! Especially hearing about the books you’re reading.

    So sorry about the fender bender. Yuck.

    And I’m with you on loving this time of year…though I wish it were a bit warmer. 60’s maybe, instead of 40’s, for a few more weeks?

    Oh, and I’ve had to shoo a bird out of my house twice. Once, with a brother-in-law’s help and once all on my own. Fun. 🙂

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