Really, Molly!

So I’m scampering through A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, by Molly Wizenberg, and enjoying it immensely! I’ll definitely be purchasing this book – it’s one of those must haves. She just gets it when it comes to food. It’s not about the glamour or the gourmet. It’s about the memories you make along the way. I don’t think it’s something you can exactly orchestrate but at some point you just realize your life is ensconced in all these wonderfully pungent moments and you start snatching them out of the air, left and right, and stuffing them anywhere you can – recipe boxes, slips of paper, blogs or even a book!

Tonight I’m trying out a recipe I found on Molly’s blog, Orangette.  I had to laugh twice though as I read through the instructions (in the intro to her book, she recommends always reading her recipes through first – and I’ve been doing just that – quite unlike me!) At one point she says to sift the dry ingredients together. And I just heard myself saying, “Really, Molly!” In spite of proudly displaying my gram’s old sifter in my kitchen, I have never used it to mix ingredients together. (I did use it once, trying to make vanilla sugar, but that’s a whole ‘nuther post!)

And then further down, she instructs me to incorporate the oatmeal and chocolate chips with a wooden spoon. And once again, I heard myself say, “Really, Molly!” Does she know how weak my wrists are? I know that chocolate chips should not be beaten in except by hand but oatmeal! Just couldn’t do it.

So be honest now – are there any baking or cooking rules you habitually and deliberately break? Has it ever backfired on you? I’d love to hear your confessions. I always say to myself – the cookies don’t know!

(A sad aside: I just noticed that she’s been blogging just a month less than me, since July 2004 to be exact. And she’s written a book and opened a restaurant! Sigh)


2 thoughts on “Really, Molly!

  1. I read that book this year and loved it, too 🙂 The rule I’m always breaking is where they tell you to mix together dry ingredients in a separate bowl (like flour, baking soda, salt), then add to the wet mixture (like butter, eggs, sugar). Usually when making cookies. I never want to mess up an extra bowl, so just pour everything in together. It works great 🙂 I’m always taking shortcuts . . . also don’t use double boilers, but just use a pan over low heat. That one ususally works out fine, too.

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