The Next Step

A friend loaned me her GPS device the other day since I had to travel to several unfamiliar areas of town. Poor Mrs. GPS will probably need therapy when she returns to her owner, after having to constantly adjust the route to my preferences.

Having never used one of those nifty little gadgets before, what I noticed immediately is the weird sensation of not being able to see the whole picture. Mrs. GPS only gives you enough information to make the next turn. I kept referring to my Google map, needing to be sure of where I was going. Sure enough, Mrs. GPS was right on the money.

This little incident happened at an interesting time, when in other areas of my life, I can only see the next step. I know that stepping out in faith does not mean stepping off a cliff, but sometimes it literally feels that way – when you can’t see the road ahead. But what if God were to show me the big picture? Would I be willing to trust him enough to just keep taking the next step? Somehow, I think not.


One thought on “The Next Step

  1. Going through some things in my life and all I want to know is the end of this story. Will I succeed? I have taken on the biggest test and that’s to trust in God and let go of myself. I know he is the only one who can get me through these times in my life. Letting him is the hard part. So I am trying day by day to change. By studying his word and worship. I have gotten away from that since childhood. Now I have been through some things as to where I know that he is the only one who can fix.

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