The Calendar Dilemna

I always have calendar dilemnas as one year winds to a close and a new one shines bright on the horizon. Usually it’s just me being cheap and not wanting to pay full price for one until they go on sale after Christmas, at least where wall calendars are concerned. And since I used to be desk-bound, in a former life, and had to stare at a calendar for many hours each day, it was very important to pick the perfect calendar to provide inspiration during the work day.

I still haven’t picked a new wall calendar yet, although I’ve been eyeing up a few artsy ones. I did jump the gun and purchase a 2010 Moleskine Weekly Planner way back in November. I even cracked it open a few weeks ago, and marked down one appointment for January. Gosh, I feel so ahead of the game!

This past year I went back to a paper planner, after doing the PDA route for years. I did so because my penchant for note-taking by hand has exceeded my love for technology. I noticed I was always writing something down, and always in different places – journals, notebooks, whatever. Then when I wanted to recall something, I first had to remember where I’d written it. So I went to a Moleskine Weekly Planner, that has the calendar spaces on the left page, and a ruled page for notes on the right page. Each week, I usually began with jotting a few notes down during the Sunday message, so I was able to refer to them throughout the week, along with prayer reminders, etc. And I liked being able to scribble notes and quotes and other little reminders and have them all in one place. And of course I filled the back section with miscellaneous lists, etc.

So now I’m having a hard time parting with my 2009 planner, because it holds so much more than just a record of my comings and goings. And I realized both planners cover this last week of December. Do I fill up 2009, based on economy and principle? Or do I use this week to ease into 2010?

And then a friend pointed me to this post, where the author quotes someone named Appelbaum as saying “Between closing and beginning lives a gap, a caesura, a discontinuity. The betweenness is a hinge that belongs to neither one nor the other.” And I realized I too am in a beautiful place of betweenness, in this week between the old and the new. This dilemna may be more than just an organizational quirk; perhaps it’s an invitation from God to spend some time in silence this week, reviewing this past year. What do I want to hold on to, as I flip through the pages of my old planner, and what do I need to let go of?

So I’m receiving this calendar dilemna as a gift from God this week, and intentionally living into this gap. And as I review the past year, already I’m  thankful for his abiding promise to be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow . . . even as life is constantly shifting and changing.


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  1. Though I record some things on my computer’s calendar, I rely on a paper planner heavily (my preference is the BusyBodyBook, because it gives me a column for each family member, plus lots of space for notes). I find the same thing when switching to a new one, though I usually switch in September — there’s much I want to carry with me.

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