2010 Goals and Dreams

Although I generally set some goals for the new year, I wasn’t going to post any such list. Until the other day, when I realized that sharing one of my goals opened me up for some graceful accountability, and served to cement that aspiration a little more firmly in my day. So, in no particular order, for friends who I know will not hesitate to ask me how things are going, I share the following handful of things that are foremost on my mind, heading into 2010:

  • Encourage the deepening of my creative potential by anchoring it in my daily life – a quote from a book I read last year that I’ve kind of latched on to. (Make creative endeavors a daily priority – I know the rest will get done!)
  • Become an income-generating, professional proofreader/editor
  • Time management – what’s the best use of my time now?
  • Minimize trips to the grocery store and unplanned debit card use
  • Move! (signed up for yoga class at a local church, call a friend once a week to walk)
  • Discern and implement new organizational rhythms with lots of grace (home, etc.)
  • Honor my need for time and space

I have several bullet points under each of these that I won’t bore you with.  The list is printed out and hanging on my office wall, as well as copied into my daily planner. I feel like I’m more excited about these goals than in previous years, due to those little bullet points – i.e. action plans.

Remembering that we’re always a work in progress – God’s work – somehow makes goal-setting a little less intimidating. And sharing those goals with a friend or two – priceless! So feel free to share some of your goals and dreams in the comments section or let me know if you’ve done so at your blog.


One thought on “2010 Goals and Dreams

  1. These are great! I don’t set resolutions around New Years at all, nor do I have any written down. I tend to have some general in my mind, but I’m not really strict about them. But I would have a lot of these or very similar ones on my list. If I had a list, you know 🙂

    Hope they are all going well so far, are you going to follow up later in the year with where you are on any or all of these?! 🙂

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