Good Reasons Not to Exercise

My yoga class this morning was canceled. As I contemplated a home workout this morning, I realized just how many excuses I have not to exercise:

  1. It’s cold in my gameroom!
  2. I hate getting dressed twice (and I refuse to go through my day in exercise clothes).
  3. I’m not a big fan of some fit and super-toned woman on DVD shouting out instructions to me so early in the morning!
  4. Nor am I a fan of said fit woman acting like it’s all so easy.
  5. If I am going to watch TV, I want to do it from a comfortable reclining position, preferably with Oreos and milk nearby.
  6. I hate to exercise alone.
  7. I hate to be cold.
  8. I hate treadmills . . . you never feel like you’re getting anywhere!
  9. I’d rather be reading.
  10. I’d rather get sore muscles from gardening or cleaning the garage. Really – I find that exercise that can be had while actually accomplishing some task so much more worthwhile.

Now that I’ve gotten all those excuses out of my system, I’m going to pop the DVD on and push past this awful resistance and just get on with my day. But if you hate to exercise too, feel free to chime in with your excuses!


2 thoughts on “Good Reasons Not to Exercise

  1. Ah yes, all those excuses are familiar. Our basement really is cold. I mean, I guess I could turn on the space heater for a while…and I know that once I’m moving I’ll warm up…but it’s much easier to just decide that the basement is too cold and leave it at that. 🙂

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