Sleeping With Bread (Again)

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in this meme, but hopefully the bread isn’t too moldy!

Actually, I just copied out tons of quotes from Erwin McManus’ book, Uprising. I’m kind of stuck on Chapter 6 which focuses on the surprising connection between gratitude and forgiveness. So perhaps it’s fitting that I recommit myself to the practice of reviewing my week, in an effort to practice gratitude with more intention and purpose.

Here are a few quotes that have resonated with me:

Perpetual brokenness is defined by a lack of gratitude, and this is the key to wholeness.

Gratitude unleashes the healing power of love.

Forgiveness and gratitude are inseparable.  When we receive forgiveness, we grow in gratefulness. When we grow in gratefulness, we are more willing to give forgiveness. Our ability to receive forgiveness is directly related to our willingness to give it.

I’m still pondering this connection between gratitude and forgiveness but this morning, I swear I heard myself saying, “Oh for goodness sake, Dianne. Maybe you ought to just go ahead and practice gratefulness, while you think this all through!” It’s true; if I wait till I understand it, I may never commit to practicing it.

So what am I most grateful for this week? I continue to appreciate my husband’s great sense of adventure in agreeing for me to quit my job two months ago while I take a few months to establish my own editing and writing service.  Some days I find myself a bit beside myself, thinking of all I want to and need to do. But when I stop and take a deep breath, I remember what a gift I’ve been given and how important it is to just live into every single moment.  Even as many of those moments are filled with questions, uncertainties and doubts, they are just as often filled with creative opportunites which make my heart beat and remind me how glad I am to be alive.

And what am I least grateful for this week? Lots of memories have been stirred up over the past few weeks – places I’m not really sure I’m ready to go, and yet I’m recognizing the need to reach back and and gather these stray pieces of me into who I am, for they are part of me.

Visit Sleeping With Bread to read others’ take on their week or to join in. And thanks to the SWB family, Tara especially, for the always open invitation to participate in this meme of examen.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping With Bread (Again)

  1. Dianne,
    Thank you for sharing your bread and by no means was it moldy! It sounds like an exciting adventure you are on in regards to your work. I dream of opportunities of this myself – a month in Germany to paint, a month in Norway to write. Only I don’t know how to get to the places to get me to the opportunity of those partially open doors offer.
    GO FOR IT DIANNE – the door was opened and you are already in the room!

    So happy to have you baking Monday bread again!

  2. “But when I stop and take a deep breath, I remember what a gift I’ve been given and how important it is to just live into every single moment.” That is something we all need to remember. Too often we don’t live in the moment…and live in the past, thinking back on past regrets, or in the future, worrying about what is to come.

    Welcome back to Sleeping with Bread. I’m one of those intermittent participants myself, although lately (this year) I’m not doing too badly on participating.

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