My Dog Needs Therapy

Thanks to me, my dog is going to need some serious help soon. He has a ton of toys, but since he gets to be a bit annoying with them (dropping slobbery toys in our laps, playing with slobbery toys on our bed, insisting we throw slobbery toys for him to fetch), we  tend to keep them in a basket in the closet and just give him one or two at a time to play with. But once in a while, I toss the whole basket out for him. He goes berserk, trying to decide what toy to play with next. (He always goes for the same one!)

Sometimes, I’ll toss one for him. Then, before he gets back, I’ll toss another. And another. And another. Sometimes he won’t turn around, as if he knows what I’m up to. It’s hilarious to see him running from one toy to the next, as if he’s in a real decision dilemna. It’s quite mean, I know, to torment him so, but since I’m providing the toys for his enjoyment, I figure I’m due for a little laugh once in a while.

Actually, I can relate, having this decision dilemna myself from time to time. Seeing him frantically ponder his choices makes me laugh at the way I sometimes stress over decisions – usually, like his toys, they’re all good things. It’s just a matter of deciding what’s best or most needed at the time and committing to a course of action for that moment.