Psalm of the Month

Last year, our Bible study group took a wonderful journey through the Psalms of Ascent, Psalms 120-134. These psalms formed the prayers of the people of Israel as they journeyed to Jerusalem several times yearly to observe the feast days. As believers today we are not required to make such pilgrimages; nevertheless, these psalms speak such relevant truth into our journey through life.

Since the study, I’ve been going back and “living in” a different psalm each month, often one of these Psalms of Ascent. It’s been great to take my time, reading and relishing them and letting their words inform my prayers. I’ve enjoyed journaling, and doodling about them in my art journal. Sometimes I paraphrase a passage, often inserting my own name. I like reading them in different versions. I’ve latched onto bite-sized phrases, and in some cases, ended up memorizing an entire psalm, just from reading it every day for a month.

I mention this because from time to time, people mention to me that they’re “stuck” when it comes to their time in Scripture, something I can relate to. Perhaps you’ve finished a study or a read through one of the books of the Bible. Maybe the daily reading plan you’ve followed for years just isn’t clicking with you right now. I would highly recommend this idea of “hanging out” in a psalm for an extended period of time. While I’m usually reading something else as well (I’m currently reading through Acts), there’s nothing quite like taking your time and letting the words of Scripture soak into your life. You know you’re on to something when you wake up in the morning with the words of a psalm on your mind as prayer. Although there’s value in many methods of Scripture reading, I’m not sure why we feel the need to always move so quickly through Scripture, when sometimes the Spirit of God may just be inviting us to linger.


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