Movie Review: Inkheart

In this YA novel brought to life on the big screen, a simple bookbinder named Mortimer finds he possesses the gift of being able to read characters in and out of their stories. And soon he finds himself caught in a world of intrigue when his wife mysteriously disappears into the story of Inkheart. Years later, he roams England, searching for another copy of the offending story, in order to bring his wife back. His story lands Mo and his daughter Meggie smack dab in the middle of a mix of characters from various children’s stories, all caught in the clutches of Capricorn – the evil villain who refuses to return to his story.

Brilliant writing, a clever story line and captivating acting combine to make Inkheart a truly delightful story, one the entire family could enjoy together. Brendan Frasier puts forth a stellar performance, and the English accent doesn’t hurt the story one bit. It’s fantasy at its purest and best. And if you watch it, be sure to check out the special features, where Eliza Bennett (Meggie) reads aloud a section from the novel that didn’t make it into the movie.


One thought on “Movie Review: Inkheart

  1. We really liked this one — watched it on Thanksgiving Day. But we had listened to the unabridged audiobook first and we all admitted we vastly preferred the book. A typical response for us. 🙂 But still, good movie.

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