Hello, Dagwood and Blondie!

When we were in middle school and high school, my sister and I used to run over to my Gram’s in the evenings and camp out on her kitchen floor with the comics section. One of my favorites was Dagwood and Blondie. I have to admit to letting that cartoon strip shape my idea of marriage. I thought all married couples ended their days by reading in bed. Imagine my great dismay when Mike informed me that he didn’t even like to read! Hm. I absolutely need to read before I go to bed, to wind down and decompress. (Before I got married, I regularly read until one or two o’clock in the morning!)

My comic strip ideal diminished, I soon figured I just needed to head in a little earlier if I wanted to read. And so that’s been our usual nightly ritual, except when Mike is extremely tired and heads in way earlier than I could ever think of, and so I read in the recliner those nights.

Until a few weeks ago, when Mike surprised me by picking up a Dean Koontz novel at the discount book store. Hm, what’s up with that? And he further surprised me by choosing to read in bed. Again – what’s up with that? He tore through that one and last week we went and got him a library card and he picked up another novel. He’s on his third, and even perusing a memoir . . . by Dean Koontz of course, about his dog!

It’s been almost thirteen years in the making but the other night I told him we were just like Dagwood and Blondie. An ideal, silly as it may seem, finally realized. Sweet indeed.


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