Dear Blog . . .

It’s me, your long lost creator. Guess you must think I’ve forgotten about you and the truth is, well, I guess I have. I had so many high hopes of posting some devotional thoughts around Easter but obviously that never happened. I actually wrote a few posts but they never made it your way. I apologize.

What can I do to remedy this situation? Does it help that I’m on Twitter? Or that I’m planning to attend a writing conference next weekend? No? I was afraid of that. Does it matter that I’ve been busy, trying to finish up one editing class, and working my way through another on establishing my freelance business? Does it count that I’ve been entertaining my nephew the past few days (do you want to hear what a great time we had?) Or that I’m planning to take an art class soon?

No, you say? You’re not buying it? You’re heartless, you know! But okay, you’re somewhat like my dog, just beggin’ to be fed. I guess there’s nothing to do but comply. I don’t need an inanimate object like a starving blog plaguing me in my nightmares. I promise to do better.

So what exactly are you in the mood for? A book review or two, perhaps? I just finished Crazy Love, by Francis Chan – how does that sound? A movie review? Sure, that’s an easy one, having just seen How to Train Your Dragon with my nephew. (Knock off the jealous stuff now!) Recipes? That’s a can-do. Poetry? Well, I usually don’t feed you much poetry. I usually reserve that for my other blog site – oops, did I tell you about her? Sorry. Truth is I’ve been writing a lot of poetry during my devotions but not really following through and finishing anything. But I’ll get with it. What else would you like to hear? How about my thoughts on forgiveness – obviously something you need to hear right now!

What? You’d like me to think about regularly scheduled feedings? You mean postings, don’t you? Hm. You mean like book reviews one day, devotional thoughts another. Ah, so people will visit you a little more regularly? I’m beginning to think this is all about you. But okay, you make a good point, and I’ll give your requests careful consideration.

Hey, sometimes after a prolonged absence, you return with a renewed perspective and vision. Cross your fingers and hope for the best, dear Blog, and I’ll do my best to treat you with a little more care and respect going forward. Thanks for not giving up on me!


2 thoughts on “Dear Blog . . .

  1. As one of your blog readers, I have to say, your blog should forgive you! Someone once told me to do the posts for fun, not as an assignment. Who would give advice like that?

  2. My blog is a bit disgruntled with me, as well. 🙂

    I’m interested in hearing/reading anything and everything you want to share. The editing class, the time with your nephew, the book reviews — anything! I always like reading your thoughts. But no pressure…personal blogs and pressure do not mix well.

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