When Less is More

I’m a firm believer that less is usually more. This especially holds true for me when it comes to space, a valued commodity around my house. For this reason, one can often find me hauling bags of “stuff” to the curb on garbage day or to Goodwill. Except when it comes to books, I will readily trade a “thing” for a little bit of space.

So I’m wondering why it’s taken me almost twelve years in this house to apply this principle? We have a somewhat tiny kitchen with very minimal counter space. I’m pretty good at managing with it though – stopping often to do dishes and free up workspace. But the other day I decided to get rid of my large dish drainer thing-a-majig and go with a smaller one that fits inside the sink. I can easily move the drainer to the counter if I have more dishes than usual, but I’m loving the extra eighteen linear inches of counter space I now have. I’m not big on keeping appliances on the counter but I’ve made an exception for my blender this spring, which means smoothies are now standard on my menu. More counter space and less hassle to making smoothies (I keep wanting to spell that “smooties”!) – a win-win all around!

The other change I made was to move Mike’s dresser into our bedroom. Even though it’s one more piece of furniture in there (I did move a small bookshelf into the hallway), we both agree, the rearranged room seems larger.

It’s amazing what a big difference one little change can make. It’s been like a breath of fresh air and I’m looking around to see what other changes I can make. Where else might “less” mean “more”? I have a feeling I might need to look below the surface – beyond physical space – to answer that question.

Where do you find “less” to mean “more” for you?


2 thoughts on “When Less is More

  1. Dianne,

    Your comment came as an answer to prayer this morning. I have been mulling around the idea of starting a new blog that is spiritual in nature. After fifteen years in the ministry, I entered into five years in business and then 11 in public educaation so my blog readers are a diverse crowd. The desire to have a voice for my relationship with the Lord is gaining force…and then your comment came.

    I followed your link and read your writing. Your poetry brought me to tears! Your way with word is truly evidence of God’s gifting and He ministered to me through your insights. We even like the same template, Saddish.

    I read your poem “Elephant” and had to send you this link. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a delightful pic of my daughter and her boyfriend riding an elephant in Asia. http://jodeeluna.wordpress.com/2009/11/22/jungle-fever/. I look forward to reading more of your posts.-JoDee

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