Lavender & Green, That’s Me

I met a wonderful blogger, JoDee recently. I’d say quite by accident, only I don’t believe in accidents of that sort. I just happened to click through to the blog of one of the commenters on a WordPress Theme I was looking at, and I was drawn in immediately to JoDee’s warmth and creative spark. She calls herself a creative eclectic and I just love that.I sometimes struggle with so many desires and interests (watercolor painting, poetry, cardmaking, gardening – to name just a few). I always think I need to lay the axe to one or two of them, but like a child clutching fistfuls of crayons, I can’t possibly decide which one I could let go of. JoDee inspires me to just relax and pursue what’s on my heart and trust that God can still work through the hodgepodge of interests.

Anyways, she posted here recently about her creative space, her art room and why she’s chosen the colors and theme she did. Although we’ve never met, fiery and passionate seem to describe her to a “T.” Her post got me thinking, especially because I’m desperately wanting to transform our (one and only, I might add) spare bedroom into an office/art space for me. I love choosing paint colors and am drawn to green (which will not surprise my sister one bit) and lavender for this project.

Green reminds me of growth, but on a deeper level, it speaks to me of resiliency – that inner force and strength that enables one to keep bounding back. Growth is great, but the truth is, we’re not always in growth mode. Sometimes we struggle and even languish or retreat. But the resilient heart will always rebound and grow again, like shrubs and plants that flourish after pruning.

And lavender speaks to me of calm, but also of fragrance that lingers. In recent years, I’ve come to love lavender and enjoyed growing it in my herb garden outside my front door. I went crazy with it last year, in fact, using it in cookies and tea and even lemonade! I love that light, clean freshness that hangs around and fills the nostrils with a calming aroma.

So yes, for me, my creative space needs to include green and lavender, along with lots of light and lots of white. I better get busy while I’m thinking about it. Why don’t you go poke around on JoDee’s blogs for a bit and then come back here and tell me about what color or style you are? What relaxes you or inspires you to create?


2 thoughts on “Lavender & Green, That’s Me

  1. Your post brought me to tears. I really needed to read this. I just returned from a Christian Writers’ Conference and felt so discouraged thinking, “I’m too scattered and should specialize more.” Then I read your words that melted away my doubt. You inspired me to “relax.” I have to provide a link for my readers to this post that so beautifully written! Thank you!

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