Speaking of Green

So yesterday was D-day for me and that means decision day. And I really don’t love making decisions at all! But here was my dilemna.

Here is our spare bedroom. For several years, it’s basically been unusable – by me anyways. Long story but let’s just say it was dubbed the “cat room” and it’s been my husband’s “office” through 7+ years of schooling. ‘Nuff said! Since January however, we’ve been catless so I got in there and cleaned the place and made it bearable. But . . . here was my dilemna. I want this to be an art “studio” as well as my office. I finally dragged my Gram’s drafting table up there a few weeks ago. But see that built-in closet to the right there? Huge waste of space. I need it to store a few kitchen appliances but storage could be much more streamlined and certainly more functional.

Anyways – back to my dilemna. I finally got the room in functional condition. I could sit down and go right to work in here now, as is. But . . . BUT . . . do I really want to spend hours surrounded by all that paneling? First decision made: I must do something to this room. It’s now or never. If I set up my computer and printer at that desk, I fear I will never remedy the ugliness! And please, agree with me – UGLY!

But then my dilemna became . . . to paint or not to paint. Paneling, that is! For years, we’ve talked about doing something to this room and we both assumed the paneling was glued up, so painting seemed like the easiest thing to do. But painting paneling just kind of grosses me out. It’s like just covering up a really bad problem and on the surface, everything looks okay. But YOU know the truth beneath the surface.

So decision number two was, once we realized the paneling was not glued after all, to get rid of the paneling. I got a typical late start this morning, and thirty minutes into the project, realized this job required more than my husband’s sturdy Craftsman screwdrivers. A quick trip to my dad’s and by 11:00 am, I was going to town with a crowbar.

The other day I posted about my proposed color scheme being lavender and green. Speaking of green . . . surprise, surprise! Guess what color the old paint was! I’m still leaning towards a shade of green but it’s actually nice to think I’ll be able to picture the room with color on the walls.

This is going to be a huge job (and yes, it has been completely sanctioned by my husband). Once the paneling is down, and the closet torn out, the walls need big time patching before painting. Then up comes the carpet and the nasty tack strips and staples and gross old padding, but I can’t wait to free the beautiful hardwood floors that have been hiding underneath!

The good thing is, I can always work in there for a few hours and then shut the door and the mess is completely out of the way. Except for the electrical stuff (crossing my fingers for recessed lighting!) and maybe installing new baseboards, I can do most of this myself. And I actually enjoy deconstructing things, and am pretty neat about it too.

I decided this project might be a little more fun if I shared my progress here so you can expect some updates here and there. And please, if I disappear for too long, someone come dig me out!


3 thoughts on “Speaking of Green

  1. Wow, you are nothing short of amazing! But of course, I’ve known that for a pretty long time.

    If you disappear for too long, I’ll come dig you out. Hooray for ipscaying the anelingpay!

  2. Awesome. I love seeing progress photos. Just that little bit of paneling removed makes it look 1,000 times brighter already. Keep on keeping on. It’s like you’re removing 30 years from the room – a definite face lift – every panel is like a bunch of wrinkles fading away.

  3. I heartedly agree with you about taking down the paneling. I am not suprised that there was green underneath. Your life definitely has that divine twist to it quite regulary. I can already visualize how amazing this room is going to be. I also like the progress photos so the rest of us can follow and be inspired!

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