Connecting the Dots

So Day 3 of the unpaneling project finds me spending lots of time removing nails from the walls and paneling. LOTS of nails. You may wonder what LOTS of nails looks like. Here’s a picture of an area less than 8 inches square:

So as I’m yanking these nails out, I’m putting together a picture of what our former homeowners might have been like. I’m not sure, just guessing. But I’m beginning to think he was an angry man, and took out his anger by overdoing it on house projects. What he didn’t over do, he did wrong. Very wrong. Like installing installation on both the floor and ceiling of the attic. Big mistake, as this creates a vapor lock and makes the house more susceptible to moisture by not letting heat escape through the roof.

Neighbors tell us this man literally mowed his lawn (and it’s a big one, being a double lot) every single day. I believe it. He had passed away several years before we bought the house from his widow but there were no less than three mowers on the back porch when we looked at the house!

Anyways, this is how I picture him:

I sympathize with his wife:(another area less than 8″ square – only 8 nails here. Woohoo!)

Truly, this was the house that Jack built, as his name was Jack. I’m sure my imagination is just a bit exaggerated here but that’s what you get after pulling out all these nails!

Okay, back to work for now!


One thought on “Connecting the Dots

  1. Jack must’ve been friends with Roy and Barry, the owners of the 2 houses we have lived in.

    R U getting a little crazy?

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