Raindrops on Roses

Something made me grab my camera yesterday and go out back, where I was able to snag a few pictures of my rose bush after the rain. I’ll confess to never really being a rose person. I always tell my husband I’d rather have anything but roses if he’s going to buy me flowers. But there’s something simply irresistible about shrub roses ambling freely against a fence post. I’m not a fan of pink either but again, this bush has managed to captivate me.

I had fun playing around with them in Corel Paint Shop Pro X last night and just thought I’d share a few here, for your Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure! Feel free to vote on your favorite effect!

The original photo, edited to tone down brightness

Watercolor effect; this took about 45 min. to produce!

Depth of field feature - see how the buds in the background are blurred?

Time machine feature; simulates the albumen photographic method used in the late 1800's

Pencil feature; this one was pretty easy but had to add "noise" to get the grainy effect


3 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses

  1. How fun and interesting these photos are. I especially like the last one. It looks like a piece of art. Roses are my favorite flower and they photograph well in the early morning and late afternoon. The droplets of water definitely add a different dimension. Nice!

  2. The original photo is my favorite, but as for the enhanced features, I can’t decide between depth of field or pencil feature. Pencil looks like it could be on a card.

    Nice job being in the moment w/ that camera!

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