Getting Unstuck

Ashamedly, I’ve torn an entire room in my house halfway to pieces and just left it that way for several weeks. I’ll admit, it’s been getting me down, knowing I had much unfinished business hiding behind that bedroom door.

A funny aside: If I wanted to, I could peek through the hole in the door where the doorknob used to be to view the mess. I had to remove the doorknob to get the blankety-blank paneling off the door. Silly me, I only removed the knobs. And yes, found myself locked out of the room. Mike was not amused. His lack of amusement usually sends me into fits of giggles – oh dear!

But the locked state is not my excuse for letting the project come to a standstill. (He got it open that night – word to the wise: always remove the entire lock mechanism!) Every time I’ve been in there in the past week or so, I just felt stuck. I couldn’t figure out the next step – not typical for me.

Finally I realized what the problem was. There was no room for me to move, let alone move ahead. This was mostly due to the sheets of removed paneling lining the walls in several stacks, the bottoms of which stuck out 8-12″ into the room, and a pile of molding and baseboard stretching from one side to the other.

I thought my idea of recycling the paneling into a kid’s treehouse or a dog house was positively brilliant, but alas, no takers on So I put out a plea on Facebook, and a friend graciously offered the use of a dumpster on their property. Bless my husband’s heart – after a long day yesterday, he came home last night and dragged all the debris out of the room and into his pickup which is on its last leg, then hauled it down to the dumpster.

Woohoo! I cannot wait until tomorrow rolls around to get back in there and tackle the remaining mess. One more piece of paneling, then out comes the closet, and then time to prep the walls to paint! By then, there will be room to move in there and hopefully I can enlist a friend to lend a hand. (Nothing like a subtle plea for help!)


One thought on “Getting Unstuck

  1. I somehow missed this post and just had to comment. Even after I got my “Artist’s Loft” room all set up, I weekly clutter it up again. When I go inside the room, I feel “stuck” like you described until I clean it out again.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this room is a metaphor of my life. The volume of papers and info that come at me overwhelm me so I keep tossing them in my art room. Eventually, this clutter renders me unable to create in there. So goes my life if I don’t regularly sort through the clutter of demands and decline what I can.

    Perhaps this is why I so love writing. Writing helps me to get “unstuck” by dumping all of my emotional and mental clutter. I feel a post coming on about this! Thanks for sharing! Your post was a muse!

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