I Hope You Love Pictures!

I hope you love pictures, because words, at least ones strung together coherently, are simply eluding me right now. Instead, I offer this hodgepodge of visual updates, in no particular order:

Mike and I went for a looooong drive this afternoon. We left around 4:00 pm and didn't return until almost 8:00 pm. We headed southwest, towards Cecil and then through Hickory and then out towards Avella, PA. We got out there too late to enjoy Meadowcroft Village but we did spend the better part of an hour walking around Cross Creek County Park, wishing for a boat and weighing the benefits of spending the money on fishing licenses. While we pondered such mundane things, we noticed butterflies everywhere around us. We followed them towards these giant bushed which seemed to be the main attraction for our winged friends. (Free book to anyone who can help me identify said bush - it's more like a tree actually).

We spent many weeks in June worrying about our dog, MacGyver, who's been dealing with some serious eye issues. Thankfully, they seem to be at least managed for now. The ultimate solution will be to have the offending eye removed, but we're none ready for that yet. Meanwhile, he's somewhat restricted from his toys as his vigorous playing seems to exacerbate the eye issues. So he spends long hours seeking sunny spots around the house . . . he loves our bed in the mornings!

I really hate zinnias, so it's beyond me how I happen to have a massive zinnia growing in my front flower bed! No kidding, the flowers are 3-4" in diameter. The stems are so heavy, they're laying down on the job!

I do, however, love my threadleaf coreopsis. What a charming little plant, with slim little leaves and teensy flowers that always seem to be winking at me!

Several years ago, my dad gifted me with this rose-of-sharon. He was especially excited to have found a white one for me. I didn't know it then but I love white flowers, and this is a joy to see in bloom each year.

The flowers remind me of bed sheets, blowing in the breeze on the clothesline that used to stretch across my gram's yard. Oh, how I loved sleeping in those 100% cool cotton sheets at her house in the summertime!

Lastly, we attract all sorts of birds at our feeders out back . . . but was I ever surprised to see a flock of wild turkeys taking their turn the other day. I tried to get them to smile for the camera but nothing doing! The parents shooed their eight or so young away quickly the minute they noticed me taking their picture. Boy, can those birds move! Does wild turkey taste any good?


6 thoughts on “I Hope You Love Pictures!

  1. I so enjoyed your photo journey! That blue butterfly is truly exquisite! I’m also a flower lover and took a nature break just looking at your photos.

    On another posting note, I just read “The Child.” Now that is a fantastic post! Have you considered submitting that one?

  2. Thanks so much Dianne for your comment on my blog!

    I really do think that your yellow delicate flowers are winking at you – made me laugh because that’s exactly what i would say!

    Love, Violette xo

  3. I hear it does indeed taste good, from my SIL who hunts them yearly, as long as you like tough. No factory basting of them!

  4. JoDee, you know you’re the one who inspires me to incorporate photos into my blog posts!

    Thanks, Violette! It’s nice to know I’m not just seeing things 🙂

    K – I love that picture of Gyver too . . . it captures him so well.

    Bev, I’m sure by now you’re tasting lots of new and unusual things there in Texas! How are you liking WordPress?

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