What’s My POV?

I just spent a wonderful evening with friends, eating caprese salad, homemade salsas, and the most wonderful cake. We then transferred to the gameroom to watch The Next Food Network Star, which is quickly becoming a summer tradition around here.

The thing I love most about the FNS show is that the judges are genuinely interested in helping the contestants grow and develop into stars. They critique the food dishes with honesty, and offer advice on presentation and camera personality. But most importantly, the judges seek to help the contestants develop their culinary point of view. They’re looking for that thread that runs through a contestant’s food preparation as well as their presentation. This would be the glue that holds any food show together. More than personality, POV is what the contestant is all about.

After my friends left tonight, I was perusing some new blogs. I just realized tonight that my favorite Next Food Network Star contestant, Aarti, is a food blogger. She is the real deal! A writer by trade, she combines her passion for the written word and her love of food with the greatest of ease. Not to mention her videos. Check it out – you’ll feel like you’ve been to a party just reading her blog!

Anyways, I couldn’t help wondering, what’s my blogging POV? Do I even have a blogging identity? Do I need one? What’s my blog all about? I’m not a mommy blogger. Hardly a food blogger. Not a garden blog or a crafty blog. I like blogging about what God’s doing in my life, but this is hardly a devotional blog. Can I boil it all down to one or two things that define me, or am I doomed to be a Jane-of-all-trades when it comes to blogging?

These questions tend to confirm my greatest fears, that I am passionate about too many things (or to put it more bluntly, maybe I’m just not focused enough). So what do you think? Would it make for more interesting reading if I developed a better defined POV? Does any particular POV come through on my blog? I have some ideas but would welcome input from my readers (all two of you!) first. Feel free to leave a comment or even email me with your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “What’s My POV?

  1. You are truly a creative eclectic blogger and so being one myself, I relate with you! I enjoy the diversity of topics you present. Your post provoke thought and inspire.

    If you focus, then I am finished! I will hang up my computer and stop blogging 🙂

    My blogging identity quest hasn’t led me to a distinct POV but reflects my diversity as a person. I see yours much the same.

    I learned a new term today about books that appeal to more than one market, “crossover.”
    Maybe we are just “crossover bloggers.”

  2. Man, I feel your pain, Dianne! I have been thinking the same thing in the last week. How do I define my blog? Is my lack of focus preventing my blog from getting more readers? I feel the same way about my writing in general. I work on all kinds of writing projects. Should I be focusing on one area only? God clearly answered me this Spring saying, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” I guess the best thing we can do is pray, pray, pray and keep our ears open.

  3. Oh, you are so not alone in these thoughts. I often think my blog is the most scattered, random collection of occasional thoughts ever.

    However, I love your blog. You write about things that touch you, impact you, make you think, make you smile. And you always put a thoughtful spin on them… You make me think and I love that.

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