As you know if you’ve been following this blog at all, I’m in the midst of a major project right now. I’d love to dub it a remodeling project, or even a room makeover. But right now, it is just one massive, not to mention messy, demolition project – at least for me, who never did have a ton of strength in my arms. I did, however, make some major headway last week when I finally got the blankety-blank closet all ripped out!

Needless to say, this project has afforded me plenty of time for deep thought over the past weeks (okay it’s really been months but who’s counting?)

One understanding I’m coming to is how like life some deconstruction projects can be. When we set about trying to make change in our lives, whether it be longstanding habits or deeply ingrained attitudes and behaviors and (perhaps especially) ways of relating, it’s often a long, hard process. This is usually unacceptable for people accustomed to instant results. Anyways, just some personal observations about change and process:

  1. Change always begins with a thought process.
  2. Change itself is always a process.
  3. There’s as much value in the process as there is in the finished product.
  4. We’re never really done.
  5. The less tangible and visible the results of change, the more difficult it is to be patient with the process.
  6. Often, only part of the process is within our control, and yet we tend to focus our efforts on that which is out of our control.

It has been good for me to force myself to work on some tangible changes (room) while at the same time I’m working on some of those not-so-tangible, inner changes. I’d like to think I’m on the home stretch now but unfortunately, the walls need lots of TLC before they’re ready to paint. And I dread thinking about dealing with all the little staples after I pull the carpeting up! But one step at a time, right? In the meantime, a few pictures . . .

The closet, preconstruction

No more closet and just 3 sheets of paneling remain to be ripped out!

Lots of wood for the burn pile (look out for those nails!)


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  1. If Gram were here, she would be ripping, tugging and scraping right there with you. For sure, she would be mighty proud of you.

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